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Introduction: Drones (Article)

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In the news about the wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan mentions of the Predator drones are fairly common. With no pilots on board there are many more options. Of course it’s all high-tech and expensive military technology and nothing any civilian would ever use, right? As it turns out, civilians are flying their own drones and if you wanted to you could join them.

This article is one in a series of Instructables articles about DIY technology. The full list can be seen here.

All photos here taken by Tim Trueman. Used with permission. More can be seen here.

Step 1: Getting Started

So why would anyone be interested in drones? Well, you can add a payload of a still or video camera to the drone to get aerial photos and footage of an area, which is pretty awesome. But really it's just an awesome challenge to get a drone to fly around on its own. It’s a new and growing area with people making additions and improvements all the time and a lot of this action is happening at DIY Drones, a site filled with info, forums, and a store to get started. 

The drones are also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and are essentially remote control planes with an extra computer brain, the autopilot, to control the flight. There are a few choices for the autopilot and prices for a full kit range from $200 to $800. Different kits have different abilities. Some are better in worse weather, or more accurate, or are open-source. It all depends on your intended use.

Chris Anderson, from DIY Drones, gives an intro to a drone here:

The UAVs a ren’t completely automatic, though. They still need a RC pilot to take over the controls for takeoffs and landings. So before there’s any consideration of what to do with the UAV in the air, the first goal is to get some good RC skills or partner up with someone else who’s already good at it. If you’re completely new to this, it’s a good idea to find a local RC club and get some advice from the members. You’ll probably find them soon enough anyway if you do decide to continue with UAVs as any hobby is more fun with fellow enthusiasts.

Step 2: Take to the Skies

Once everything is in place with an autopilot on an RC plane that you’re comfortable flying, the key is to find a good safe place to fly it. UAVs should be flown away from populated areas and definitely not near any airports. There’s also a height restriction of 400 feet. While it’s unlikely that these restrictions can be observed by anybody, it only takes one bad collision by a UAV for all of this to be taken a lot more seriously. So for the sake of yourself and the hobby as a whole, be very considerate in your flying locations.

With a safe place to fly, it’s time to get the UAV in the air and have some fun with it. Set up a circuit or a series of waypoints and you’re good to go. If the plane or helicopter can lift a decent payload, pop a camera in there as well for some cool footage from the skies. Just be sure to be safe with it, have fun learning, and share what you find out with others. Have fun!

Useful links:
DIY Drones - The place to start
ArduPilot - A full-featured autopilot



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    simply by computers or perhaps by way of convenient remote control.
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    1 reply

    thats a pretty sweet view!! how high is it? where are the photos taken?

    I would like to have a drone made myself

    listen nobody wants this bcs we knownthe real story ur looking to switch our brains with the drones to make a army to dominate the world well iraq

    New to drones. What does it take to get one hour continuous flight time? is it even practical to try?


    I built one of the Hexacopters.
    Auto take off and land, way points with built in GPS, auto tracking antenna for FPV flying, remote telemetry, etc.......

    They can lift 1lb + depending on motors and props

    It is true that drones are being used more widely in the military, we went into the Irag war with only a small handful of drones, now over a thousand are operating, and the numbers continue to grow. The same goes for bomb disarming robots.

    9 replies

    They are using them here in the USA have you seen them? They may have seen you!!!! Doodado

    Yes, it's true. It's much easier to send a plane out for a long boring recon mission than a human pilot. Also, no risk of pilot death.

    don't you think its fairly sickening though? you're turning real life killing into a video game!

    It's technology advancing. It's inevitable that one group would develop new tech and use it against its enemies. The same argument could be used for guns. Pulling a trigger is much easier than hand-to-hand combat. Yes, it's weird, but it's been happening for a very long time.

    I admit that using drones to kill people is a little gut wrenching, (*cough*skynet).

    But I believe that substituting a robot's death for a humans, is always the right way to go. Think of it as disarming a bomb, robots do that for us, why shouldn't they disarm a terrorist sect?

    There's always the question of judgement. I would guess its alot easier to get an innocent killed with a drone then with a man on the ground. I'm not sure exactly what kind of missions they're running the drones on, though.

    ...or a wedding party?
    I think the article is about using drones for aerial photography. This discusion is about nothing other than weaponry.
    It would be pretty awesome just to cruise your neighborhood on a calm sunny day, from in front of your computer. Another thing to think about is law enforcement monitoring traffic, tracking perps or speeders etc. Anyone who's used "Google Earth" realizes how cool it is to see your neighborhood from the air. Could be very usefull in search and rescue operations, or looking for your dog, or kids etc. I have a few years experience with microprocessors and analog circuitry, I'm thinking "flight stabilization" or automated take off and land for autonomous missions. This whole thing could really "take off" in the near future!

    Not only recon, drones are being used to take out targets on the ground. They have the ability for low speed fly-bys, and because there is no pilot, no real danger is presented by surface to air fire.

    Absolutely. I guess I just tended towards the less violent aspects first :)

    Where can I buy one equipped like the one in the video

    Wings of second drone look just like this

    2 replies

    By the looks of it, that's exactly what it is, but with the front of the fuselage somewhat altered, presumably to better mount electronics.

    Hahaha or he just rebuilt the nose part after pulverizing it against the ground...