Picture of Drop Spindle Constrution
Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell into a deep sleep. The kingdom could have avoided this problem had they just used drop spindles. Wool and other animal fibers can be spun into yarn using this tool. Recently people have started to spin newsprint, wrapping paper, and magazines with drop spindles.

This Instructable will allow you to make 3 spindles for under $4, not including tax with items from the local hardware store and trash from failed CD/DVD burning processes.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Items for purchase:

1 - 1 yard dowel, 3/8 inch size
1 package vinyl grommet, 3/8 inch interior size
1 package cup hooks, 1/2 inch size

Items that are probably around your house somewhere:

2 - blank, scratched, or improperly burned CDs or DVDs
1 sheet fine grit sandpaper
1 dowel cutting tool

Step 2: Cutting the dowel

Picture of Cutting the dowel
The center of the spindle is the dowel. Cut off a 12 inch piece for your spindle. Score the dowel at 12 inches, and then cut on a proper cutting surface.

Step 3: Finishing dowel

Picture of Finishing dowel
Use the fine grit sandpaper to smooth both ends of the 12 inch dowel. Lightly sand the long ends to remove any splinters. Many people roll a spindle against the side of a thigh. A lightly sanded dowel will create a more enjoyable spinning process.

Step 4: Installing the hook

Picture of Installing the hook
spindle, newspaper, magazine rack 005.JPG
Screw one of the cup hooks into one end of the dowel. Screw the hook all the way into the dowel and secure.

Step 5: CD/DVD Disk Sandwich

Picture of CD/DVD Disk Sandwich
spindle, newspaper, magazine rack 004.JPG
spindle, newspaper, magazine rack 012.JPG
Put the two disks on top of each other so that the center holes are aligned. Finesse the grommet inside of the holes. It will be a tight fit. Make sure that the two disks are inside the vinyl groves of the grommet.
fritsie1236 years ago
I understand how to make the thing you described, but what does it do? What is its purpose? With "spinning" do you mean making wool for clothes? Perhaps you can make another instructable with some examples of that? I'm sorry if I'm not smart about this...
htom fritsie1234 years ago
goto youtube and search drop spindle or how to make one you'll better understand once you watch, sorry I don't drop a link I'm too sleepy to search myself good luck if you try it.
I've just finished an instructable on spinning yarn with a spindle; you can check it out here:
juleej (author)  fritsie1236 years ago
The spindle is used to to twist wool, cotton, or even newspaper into yarn. In the first picture, it shows the spinning of newspaper.

There's a video on the last page that shows how to spin wool using the spindle. Here's the drop spindle youtube link. That is not my tutorial. I may do a picture one instructable, but it really takes a video to see how it is done.
Thanks for this!! Can't wait to try it!
chuckr446 years ago
Can one spin dryer lint into string? Or are the fibers too short?
It would probably be too short, but you could possible spin it in to other wool
Hey! Excellent tutorial, and cool links.
canida6 years ago
Neat! I'd love to see it in use.
lennyb6 years ago
very simple spindle easy to make. good job.