Drugs on Money !!!





Introduction: Drugs on Money !!!

Chances are pretty good that there are traces of cocaine in your wallet right now. And that's bad news for drug prosecutors.

The problem is that cocaine sticks to cash whenever money is handled by drug dealers and users. And studies show that cocaine is in such wide use nationally that a sizable percentage of paper money bears traces of it -- a finding that courts are starting to cite in ruling against prosecutors.

I show to you how find this drugs on your money bills !

Step 1: Where ?

where on the bills you have more chance to find traces ! On both ends of each bills.
approx. 1 inch wide ,white mark can be easily found.

Step 2: Tools ?

You don't need high tech tools for find trace of cocaine.You only need 1 LED UV Light.
Scan the bills with your uv light.When white line appears on the ends of the bills with 1 inch wide,you got it.You just found trace of cocaine on money.

Step 3: Compare Your Result

the result of this experiment are surprising.90 % of these bills are infected by cocaine.

Please kids don't take drugs but make good instructable instead.




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    I guess that is why some people like to sniss money!

    this is dumb theres no way theres more coke bills than not

    Hmmm! I wonder if there's a way to get that cocaine off the bills and into some kind of kind of solution which can then be precipitated into its constituent ingredients. Let's see: what's totally non-toxic, and will remove cocaine from paper while leaving the rest of the bills intact? How 'bout a neat Instructible on that? . . .Just kidding. Drugs are BAADDDDD! :-)

    If I were interested in doing that, I would wash the bills in a SMALL amount of an apropriate organic solvent (say 10-30 Ml of ethanol or ether) and vacuum distill off the solvent for a yeld of less than 1 one millionth of a gram per bill.

    Still, If you were a banker, and treated a thousand bills at a time with the same liter of redistilled solvent you might get a gram or two out of your vault.

    It would be easier and quicker to recover it from urine. Really, most drugs, even antibiotics end up in the urine. 

    omg ima see wut happens when i tell a friend to deeply inhale money

    Not to be a burden, but UV light picks up all traces of bodily fluid, so the marks you see could be a sweaty guy, a guy that doesn't wash his hands after he uses the restroom, or spit. This evidence proves nothing in terms of drugs appearing on money. Chances are maybe one or 2 bills you have in the cocaine bills section actually have cocaine

    sweat that's 1 inch wide at the end of a bill?

    Thats why People sniff there 20's!