video Drumming Men Kinetic Sculpture
This is a kinetic sculpture I made, using mainly 1/4" thick plywood and dowel rods.  It works using a crank to move a camshaft-like mechanism which pushes down on levers, which raise the men's arms.  The arms fall when the camshaft has passed the lever due to the weight of the marble on the end of the drumstick.  This hits the tin cans, making the sound. 

This was a fun but very long project, due to school commitments and such.  I had originally made it for the kinetic sculpture contest way back when, but did not finish it in time.  I've tried to convince myself to write the full instructable up, but the sculpture was since destroyed by falling off a shelf, and I don't have the motivation. 
SteamOh3 years ago
simply awesome. very original too!
fozzy13 (author)  SteamOh3 years ago
Thank you!! : )
benduy4 years ago
if anyone has the motivation to make one, use water in cans to give a differnt noise
blkhawk4 years ago
Great original project! Thank you for posting!
fozzy13 (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
Thank you!! Thanks for the comment!
AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fozzy13 (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Thank you!! : )
rimar20004 years ago
Nice toy for my grandchildren!
fozzy13 (author)  rimar20004 years ago