Introduction: Drumstick Holder

I have been playing the drums for the past eight or so years, and although I love my kit I've never enjoyed the set up with holding the sticks and brushes. It always seems to end up with them on the ground or rolling off the snare, so this project should solve the ongoing project.

However before you start here is a list of a few of the tools and supplies you'll need:

- Wood

- PVA glue

- Mite saw

- Bench saw

- Plainer (Optional, however highly recommended)

- Sandpaper

- Rasp (Optional)

Step 1: Prepare Wood to Size

I'm using a beautiful piece of Remo wood.First I'll need to mark half way of the with off the piece. Then it's to the bench saw to split the length in half. Always take extreme caution when using power tools. (Note: I would recommend lowering the saw blade to cut the lower half of the plank, then flip it over and do the other half.) After this it is a good Idea to give the cut flat and edges a quick sand.

Step 2: Glueing, Plaining, and Cutting to Size

Now you'll need to apply a generous amount of PVA (wood glue) to two of the edges of the half planks. Then quickly and carefully fix the pieces together using two or more clamps. Wipe off any excess glue, and allow to dry for 30-40mins. Once you are confident that the glue has set strong you can move on to plaining the wood. Although this step is optional I would highly recommend it to a great result. (Again treat power tools with care, although the pained is a fairly safe tool, things can still go wrong). After plaining you need to mark out and cut to size your length of wood. I spend some time playing around with different lengths of the box for my sticks and decided that 275mm (10.8 inches) would work best. Depending on your length of stick you may change the length of this.

Step 3: Shaping and Fixing

With the off cut from the main length, mark and split the piece in to thirds. Two will be used for the vertical widths, one for horizontal widths. You'll need to split one of the thirds with a width of 40mm and then from the off-cut to 40mm Mark the lengths with a curved edge and using a jigsaw cut them off. (This part is optional). (Again take great care with power tools) You may need to sand them to correct any mistakes. Apply PVA to the lengths and widths, then clam secure.

Step 4: Padding and Glueing Box

I decided to pad the base of the box with foam to prevent the sticks from creating a noise when dropped in place. You'll need to cut two or more strips to size then using tape fix it onto the wood. Then using PVA attach the sides, and top of the box in place. (Again you'll need to clamp them in place, and leave to dry for 30-40mins).

Step 5: Sanding and Drum Fittings

Now that your box is completely glue together, you may or may not find that it isn't completely straight. If this is the case you clamp the box down and begin filing down the excess with a rasp. After this you will want to sand down the entire box, and then remove the tape on the outside of the box (the interior will stay glued). To create an fitting for the drum, begin by cutting two staples to size using bolt cutters. You can then mark out and drill four holes in the final off-cut piece, and glue it in place to the box with PVA.

Step 6: Sealing

Although this step is quite small it is still work putting on it's own. What you want to do now is seal the box somehow. I'm using a clear spray paint to do this job, of course you could use an oil or vanish. When spraying the box make sure to cover every part, however don't dwell to long in one stop saturating the wood to much. (Your far better making several coats than one heavy coat).

Step 7: Fixing to the Drum, and Completion.

To attach your drumstick holder. Unscrew one of the bolts from the rim insert the holder, and screw the bolt back into place. And your build is complete. I found this holder to be very useful, and it's great to be able to move around the kit wherever you want. So I you enjoyed this build, and thanks for viewing.


PardoByNight (author)2016-05-19

Awesome! I'm gonna make it too :)

nunopcardoso made it! (author)2016-04-05

Very good idea! I adapted your design and made one out of MDF.

Even though it doesn't look as good as yours, it works like a charm!:D.

Thank you!


Cool, glad to see.

Raleighup (author)2016-03-29

I recently built one as well, I may suggest attaching the stick box to youre hi hat stand or a cymbal stand rather than one of your lugs. The problem being that with an extra weight on a specific lug, the tone and tuning of the drum can be altered and even pull the lug out over time. I placed mine onto my hi hat stand and dropped the height so that way not only was it out of the way, but also not affecting the sound of my kit! Good build though, very clean.

Valley Films (author)Raleighup2016-03-31

Wow, good to here it. Liking hearing some slight modification, I actually have tweaked it a bit myself after the instructable. Thanks for the comment!

Arvada Locksmith (author)2016-02-17

Great work

CraftAndu (author)2016-02-15

Nice job mate, great work! Is it fixed or does it move around and rattle a bit? It seems that it might considering that the drums also vibrate. Cheers!

Valley Films (author)CraftAndu2016-02-16

Thanks, It can vibrate a little when playing the drum but that can be solved with a strip of carboard.

TheCarmichaelWorkshop (author)2016-02-16

That's awesome! Love it! I bet it makes a good wood block sound too. Remo wood LOL


Thanks, It does actually sound pretty cool, however a bit out of the way to use.

statebeak (author)2016-02-16

Its tremendous :)

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