Every drummer needs a drumstick holder.  Even you Rockband types.  Make this simple drumstick holder that even has a pocket to hold that drum key which you can never find when you need it.

Yes, these are Caitlin's drums. Gurlz rock.

This project was done entirely using a serger, a sewing machine that quickly binds and trims a neat edge.  You could also do this on a regular sewing machine or sew it by hand.
Good beginner sewing project to get a feel for turning things inside out for a finished look.

Step 1: Some of My Favorite Things...

Most drumstick holders or kit bags are usually just flat pack bags that hang on your drums with metal hooks.  They are more for the gigging musician who needs to pack it up and take all of their sticks out on the road.  I just wanted a drumstick holder that would attach to the drums to keep all the sticks corralled in one place. And a place to keep that darn drum key from being misplaced and lost.

This drumstick holder is essentially a cloth tube attached to the tom-tom or cymbal stand with a pair of fabric ties.  A cut up plastic drink bottle provides the shell that we will wrap with fabric.  The rigid tube stays open so you can place your sticks in easily.  The bottom is a two layer soft fabric bottom so you don't get a bounce or noise when you plunk in the drumsticks.

You will need:

a clean empty 1-liter plastic drink bottle.
  you could probably do with an 8 inch length of 4 inch diameter  pvc pipe  too.

sturdy fabric in the pattern of your choice.
  I couldn't find any pink camouflage so I made do from my stash.

sewing stuff to sew

scissors or rotary fabric cutting tool/mat

WARNING: Know your sewing tools.  They are sharp and can poke and cut.
lol your drum key seems to get lost alot.. i just stick it on one of the parts that you turn where your high toms are attached. nice instructable i think ill make one for myself right now.. though its a little late
thx, then you forget that you put it there so you wouldn't lose it in the first place.
.&nbsp; Great job, but I was a little disappointed to find out the drumsticks weren't part of a turkey.<br>
Stop playing with your food. And keep that bib on.
You can take the boy out of the country...

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