Step 6: Top Off

If you're topping with nuts, make sure they're finely crushed.
  • Place nuts in a plastic bag
  • Smash with a hammer

Remove cones from freezer.

  • Pour a small amount of Magic Shell on top of the cones. Quickly add chopped nuts (now that the ice cream's refrozen, the magic shell will set up quickly!)
  • Alternatively, leave the cones in the freezer until very firm, remove wax paper and dip the entire top of the cone into a bowl of magic shell and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Wrap in decorative paper for extra wow! These make awesome party treats.
do you have to use peanuts
but theres a tiny problem...<br>the sugar cones got soaked up!!!
That would be where the &quot;coat the inside of the cone with Magic Shell&quot; step comes in... If you did that and it still soaked up, maybe you didn't get the cone fully coated.
Okay, I posted and then noticed my user name considering the post I was replying to: just for the record... THIS Ken is NOT my hubby. I would've pointed this out in our kitchen, not on the internet if it were. :o)
I made these today.. yummo. Discovered a few things though. <br>1. The small waffle cones are probably the right ones to get because the 2 scoop cones are huge!<br>2. sticky tape does not stick to baking paper (I had no waxed paper) so I really had to go crazy with the tape around everything.<br>3. Frozen ice magic spears do not slip out of baking paper easily.<br>4. Frozen ice magic spears melt very fast once you start handling them, especially when trying to get them out of baking paper cones held together with a mile of sticky tape!
what a yummy
This is terrific! Thanks for sharing!!
For the ultimate ice cream experience, use a GIANT waffle cone! Man, oh man would that be an amazing treat!
My kitty like ice creams...
My kitty likes the ice on the ice cream container, but got brain freeze one time... (LOL at the memory) She doesn't like the ice cream anymore!
my cat loves ice cream, but he always prefers salmon. :p
That reminds me of a little ditty. What does a cat say when it gets brainfreeze? MeOW!!!
how did you wrap them in the decorative paper? I'm wondering if I could take these down to my friends house for the 4th. Any Idea's on how I would store them for the 1 1/2 hour car ride down? I think I'm going to make the full box of 12 cones also I wonder how much ice cream &amp; magic shell I would need then....3 bottles of magic shell?
Wow! that looks good! I'm going to have to make this sometime!
Here's some cone recipes as well as one for the Magic Sauce <br><br>http://www.joyofbaking.com/IceCreamCones.html<br><br>http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/tips-techniques/shortcut-solution-make-ice-cream-cones-in-your-panini-press-panini-happy-148781<br><br>http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/dessert-products/crunchy-carriers-making-ice-cream-cones-at-home-124235<br><br>http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/slinks/diy-magic-shell-ice-cream-sauce--047939<br>
This is awesome! Thank you so much for the great tutorial!
OHMYGAWD!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Drumsticks are my ultimate favorite!!! And I swear they're not quite as delicious as they were when I was a kid, still good, just not as wonderful as they once were... With this recipe I feel I could achieve those wonders of yore... Thank You Scoochmaroo! Thank You!!
They look very nice.<br><br>Is Drumstick a family word? Or a regional phrase? I've never heard it in this context before.<br><br>Here in New Zealand there's a commercial product my Tip Top called a Trumpet which looks similar http://www.tiptop.co.nz/Our-Products/Trumpet.aspx <br>and a knockoff from Streets called a Coronetto.<br><br>Both are too small - maybe a homemade one would be more... filling.
But to answer your question, it's a trademarked name for an American Ice cream treat. And is generally understood as the name for that style of treat. If you've never had one like this, please do! You'll love the complex flavors and consumable ease.<br><br>LOL....and no, I'm not a Nestle Rep, just a fan!
Ok, well most american's as in North America, will have heard of these little beauties before. Personally I think the name is trademarked under the Nestle Company name, however it's usually understood and accepted as the general term for this style of ice-cream treat.
My husband's eyes popped out of his head when he saw this project, so I know what I'll be making this summer (we're in Australia. Right now it's 10 deg C. We're having sticky date pudding instead). <br> <br>I'm thinking vanilla icecream with a chewy toffee spear in the middle. I can't remember which icecream had that when I was a kid, but I inhaled them back then!
I like a marshmallow at the bottom too. A Hershey's kiss upside down might be fun too.
Thanks for the 'ible! I'm thinking of trying it with frozen yogurt so my milk intolerant family member can have some too!
I made these today and they worked out great, although I left out the chocolate centers. The only thing I might add is that if your ice cream gets REALLY melty (it was 85 degrees in my kitchen today) you might have to wait a while for it to set up in the freezer, and if you want it to be solid plan on a few hours before eating them. The magic shell recipe is wayyyyyy too fun!!!! next I will use butterscotch chips, then mint chips... etc... and smaller batches could easily be made. Thanks for a great Instructable!!!!!!
Awesome! I'm so glad you tried it! Did you go with soy ice cream?
I have, for some time now, been away from ALL soy products, except those that are properly fermented; the only ones that actually have any real thorough studies done about. I personally wouldn't recommend the milk nor ice cream until further results are available......
I figure I ride in cars, cross busy intersections, drink alchohol (not all those activities at once though), why not eat some soy products and really live on the edge. Seriously though, I used to be vegan and was eating TOO much soy, I am no longer relying on it as a protein source since I eat meat now, and just eat it sometimes. Rice ice cream is really yucky so I think a bit of soy ice cream is worth any potential "risks."
I second that :) Life is invariably fatal.
You're right - after all, we ARE talking about sweets here. Are sweets meant to be healthy? I think not!
Tis another reason I avoid them (not that I particularly LIKE sweet stuff to eat) ;-) If I am going to snack on something, I do prefer nuts or Dark (72% or higher) chocolate. We are all different in our likes and dislikes I guess.
I meant to list the ones I do eat: although I do occasionally eat tofu (which is unfermented) I try to stick with miso, soy sauce, tempeh, and natto. As for ice cream, I prefer it with real cream and just try not to eat too much of it :-)
You could also eat milk-free gelato.
typical gelato has milk, the non milk variants are usually called sorbetto
Ah, you are correct. Thanks for the clarification. :)
There is some great ice cream out there with a base of coconut milk. http://www.coconutbliss.com/<br>I think I'll try the &quot;drumsticks&quot; with it.<br><br>This looks like fun - Thanks!
I was going to make a couple that were soy, but got caught up in the process and realized I'd filled them all with regular ice cream, it's OK though cause I'm the kid that's allergic to milk, the rest of the family is ok with it. I'll make some for me too next time.
I am lactose intolerant too, and I have discovered goat milk, and goat milk ice cream! It stays soft, which is another bonus, soft serve straight from the freezer! I wonder if it gets hard enough for this tho... Maybe if I don't overfill the cones... Hmmm. (LaLoo is the brand, and the Vanilla Snowflake is AWESOME! Tastes like the snow ice cream mommy made.)
hmm, goat milk ice cream sounds good! Now Ill have to try that!
I bet freezer paper would work instead of waxed paper. The shiny side could be the inside so that the ice cream wouldn't stick to it, and the paper outside would be easier to tape together.
Great idea! I'm curious if there is a way to make the magic cones yourself...or something like them. That way you can also control what additional flavors to add.
My suggestion is to get some glass stirring rods (used for stirring cocktails) or something similar & put it in the ice cream while it's still 'soft'. Then freeze it & pull the rod out & just pour in some type of 'filling', be it caramel, hot fudge, milk chocolate, or maybe even some sort of cherry sauce or some other fruit based concoction. If it's warmed up some so that it's runny, you should be able to fill up the cavity. Alternatively, if you had some type of turkey baster device that had a small enough 'needle' you could simply inject sauce into the ice cream.
Oooooh, I like your idea. Wondering if a big milkshake straw would work also? I am an ice cream fanatic..... and I only eat it in the middle of the night. Yes, I know....... but if I am going to indulge, I am going to go whole hog. Guess you can't tell I am Southern, can you? lol
Also, I might add, I would rather have some sort of ice cream sauce in the middle opposed to magic shell so that it's more gooey rather than hard & crunchy like the magic shell.
Awesome!!!!<br>the best ever.
Cool! I am definitely going to try this!
I personally prefer to stick a miniature marshmallow at the bottom of my cones to prevent runout of liquids, but I like the idea of using a small piece of fruit. I'll have to try that one in the future!
But can you make your own Magic Shell? That would be insane.
Do you joke with me Ableman?<br /> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Magic-Shell-Recipe/">Of course you can!</a><br />
My comment was half jest - but now I know. And knowing is half the battle!

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