Step 6: Top Off

Picture of Top Off
If you're topping with nuts, make sure they're finely crushed.
  • Place nuts in a plastic bag
  • Smash with a hammer

Remove cones from freezer.

  • Pour a small amount of Magic Shell on top of the cones. Quickly add chopped nuts (now that the ice cream's refrozen, the magic shell will set up quickly!)
  • Alternatively, leave the cones in the freezer until very firm, remove wax paper and dip the entire top of the cone into a bowl of magic shell and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Wrap in decorative paper for extra wow! These make awesome party treats.
For the ultimate ice cream experience, use a GIANT waffle cone! Man, oh man would that be an amazing treat!
Phusilly4 years ago
OHMYGAWD!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Drumsticks are my ultimate favorite!!! And I swear they're not quite as delicious as they were when I was a kid, still good, just not as wonderful as they once were... With this recipe I feel I could achieve those wonders of yore... Thank You Scoochmaroo! Thank You!!
Let Me Knit4 years ago
My husband's eyes popped out of his head when he saw this project, so I know what I'll be making this summer (we're in Australia. Right now it's 10 deg C. We're having sticky date pudding instead).

I'm thinking vanilla icecream with a chewy toffee spear in the middle. I can't remember which icecream had that when I was a kid, but I inhaled them back then!
Rush_21124 years ago
Cool! I am definitely going to try this!
BuckyBoy6 years ago
maybe mix the rice krispies into the magic shell great ible! I may try this with my kids.
good idea!
roboguy6 years ago
This is brilliant! We always used to get these when we were kids. My wife happens to make the best darn homemade icecream in the world (for true!); now I have a great new way for us to enjoy it!
Could your wife... share her recipe? :D If we combined this with amazing homemade ice cream, I think we might be able to end wars.
rhcpinferno6 years ago
you basically just took factory made icecream and shells and just stuck them together, u could have just gone to rite aid and picked out any of their ice cream desserts
scoochmaroo (author)  rhcpinferno6 years ago
Yup! But this is way more product for your money, and you can make them any flavors you want! Magic shell also does caramel and strawberry, and you can have any kind of toppings you want and any flavor ice cream!
Wow!!!! I had a "drum stick" tonight and I was thinking..".rats they just don't make them as tasty as they did when I was a kid" So; who knew lol.? I pop in to see what everyone is up to and there is your WAY COOL Instructable, Thanks. I can't wait to try it
I made these today and they worked out great, although I left out the chocolate centers. The only thing I might add is that if your ice cream gets REALLY melty (it was 85 degrees in my kitchen today) you might have to wait a while for it to set up in the freezer, and if you want it to be solid plan on a few hours before eating them. The magic shell recipe is wayyyyyy too fun!!!! next I will use butterscotch chips, then mint chips... etc... and smaller batches could easily be made. Thanks for a great Instructable!!!!!!
scoochmaroo (author)  paper sack ideas6 years ago
Awesome! I'm so glad you tried it! Did you go with soy ice cream?
you could also add some slightly crushed Rice Krispies to the top instead of the nuts, so it would be sort of like a Nestles Crunch topping