Drunken Gummies (Vodka-Infused Gummi Bears)


Step 4: Finally, our lovely mutants!

Picture of Finally, our lovely mutants!
Your gummi bears are finally finished!
If there is a lot of excess juice/vodka resting in the bottom, you may drain it or leave it in to be further absorbed by the bears as they rest.

Remember to return to the fridge if they are not all eaten -- which rarely happens!
Be ready for the rush and eat these carefully as they can be pretty potent!

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egladwell1 month ago

How long do they last, I am thinking of doing some for Christmas as gifts but I wasn't sure if the fruit juice in them makes them go off or if the vodka preserves them?

cwood22752 years ago
I just started soaking the gummies 12 hours ago (using Tequila instead of vodka) and I went to stir them this morning and they're a gelatinous glob );
The only 'survivors' are the green ones. Not tossing them yet; surely I can find a way to re-form the glob into bite size morsels....
nathb10283 years ago
If any of you have a instant marination machine-- these gummies take 3 hours in the fridge under vacuum. I've done it before with my instant marinatior. This works great right before the party. I suppose you could achieve the same effect with Tupperware and a vacuum, just need the proper seal. mind you it would cut the planning down by 8 days.
good work and nice gummy bears
Hi, I'm making these soon, but I would like to know if any of you know how much time it can stay out of the fridge after they are done because I hear if you leave them out too long they sort of become a watery mess.
PDXPirate3 years ago
For those outside the states that are having trouble finding juice concentrate: Tropicana apparently distributes in Germany. If you contact them through their website, they can direct you to a nearby distributor. --but another solution is JuicyJuice brand concentrate, which comes in a can like a soda can, isn't frozen, and can be stored on a shelf. And...is available through Amazon--Yay!
Cammer5 years ago

I figured out a shortcut if you don't want to wait.

  1. Just take the gummi bears out of the package, a good handful will do, then pour a shot of vodka, probably cherry flavor would be good to try. 
  2. Shove the handful of gummi bears in your mouth.
  3. Slam a shot of vodka.
  4. Chew vigorously and swallow.
  5. Repeat until you've had enough.

This procedure eliminates the days and days of waiting.  Instant results!  :)

shogan6 Cammer3 years ago
Lol this totally made my day!
demxod8 Cammer5 years ago
haha!! nice. that made me laugh. definitely the type of method I would use.
mjansie4 years ago
any replacements for the juice/water stuff?
Like regular juice or something. I don't think I have ever seen the concertrated stuff in stores here
They are in the freezer section. Usually on the bottom shelf. They are easy to miss since most people never buy them :)
you havent seen frozen juice concentrate? check the freezer aisle
milospalic15 years ago
Cool idea its cool for the school you can eat them in the school and when a  teacher ask you what that is you say Gummy Bears

Yes but schools are catching on and so is law enforcement.
llara14 years ago
this is a MUST-DO before my college days are over! haha.
which is sadly fast approaching :\
yay vodka gummi bears!
Who says you have to stop after you graduate?
ncardinal3 years ago
I would love how the worms & other candies work for everyone. So diggin this!
kdickens14 years ago
Made these step by step for a flight that we had an overnight layover. Got them on the plane no questions asked. Used 100 proof vodka and frozen dacqari mix. Turned out so so so so so good and got us all in a pretty good mood.. Going to make them again soon for camping trips. Thanks for the recipe!
ajohnson-34 years ago
Mine are on day 5. Unthawing the juice to go in shortly. They look wonderful.
LMAO...you know monsters come from within too......especially when adding other monsters to the mix
The Vodka just brings out the monster, in the gummi bears too!
iamaqtpoo4 years ago
How long after the required 9 days will the lil' suckers last in the fridge? I love the idea but, I am never sure when we will have friends ovver that far in advance so, if they can hang out in the fridge it would be great. Thanks so much, this is an awesome idea 5 stars!
mrpesas4 years ago
You might toss them around in some sugar to help keep them from sticking and make them a little sweeter.
centricity4 years ago
::thinking:: Hallowe'en is coming up. My friend is having a big bash. ... Alcoholic gummy eyeballs, anyone? Muahaha.
fox_kskt4 years ago
snigit6 years ago
I made these once and took to an adult party. Now WHY ppl bring their kids is BEYOND me! Anyways, guess what I found them eating??? I told their mother and she said, Oh well, guess they will sleep good tonight!! I had to hid them! Grrrr... They were a huge hit with the adults as well! :)
 honestly, that is some pretty bad parenting on the child's parents part. depending on how old those kids were, the alcohol could have seriously harmed the children. you probably already knew that tho lol. Great party food however :)
that comment jus proves willn dont have kids......lol.....yet.....
ya know.. I bet nobody would say bad parenting if you gave the kids Nyquil.. ;)
Rue_Ryuzaki5 years ago
ToxSick135 years ago
wow, this is such a good idea haha 
aney4aney6 years ago
wouldn't they get sticky and start to melt? or are they dry ?
we did this as a science project in 6th grade but used water it was fun and pretty cool but my ennded up on the floor (squishey litle buggers!) lol
The vodka will actually almost "bind" to the gummy, it is very absorbent.
o_lo6 years ago
jajajajaja the have a bigger head! it's a great idea! I will do it!
madmanyomri6 years ago
theKANG6 years ago
OH WOW. I love this. Alcoholic anything HAS to be good.
i wonder if i could make these with some sort of soft drink or something. im not old enough to drink so yeah. im pretty sure it would work... cant think of why it wouldn't.
This sounds great- I'm definitely giving this a try! There are so many gummy candies out there, you could experiment with different shapes/flavors and juices/booze. Thanks for the ideas!
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