Picture of Drunken Whaler Sauce
My take on a sandwich spread/tarter sauce and don't worry about the drunken part, it references the pickles and separates the sauce from a sandwich sold by a  fast food empire

 As usual this is a guide NOT a recipe, feel free to add or subtract ingredients to fit your famiys taste
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Step 1: Shopping list

Picture of shopping list
you'll need an empty jar if making this ahead of time or a bowl if making it for a fish dinner

 horseradish sauce (mine has a pink color because I added some left over adobo sauce)
 sweet pickle relish or dill relish if you prefer

 diced pickled jalapeno peppers

 lemon juice

Step 2: Get mixing

Picture of get mixing
I fill the jar about halfway with mayonaise then add in approximately half of the bottle of horseradish sauce, 2 heaping spoonfuls of relish and a about the same amount of diced jalapenos and top it all off with about a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it all up

Step 3: Use it

Picture of use it
This is (in my opinion) an incredible tarter sauce on fresh or frozen fish sandwichs or entree's it is also a great sandwich spread for any lunchmeat sandwich. I make a jar usually every other week or so and have used it to make tuna and crab salad and on turkey as well as bologna sandwichs
Looks delish! Will make this tomorrow -- Thanks!
l8nite (author)  everythingguru2 years ago
Thank you..let me know what you change