Coffee is great, booze is greater, why not put them together?

Let's get started shall we?

Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

lets see here, gather up two 750ml bottles of cheap but fairly smooth vodka, a glass bottle or jar big enough to hold the contents of both, your favorite fair trade organic coffee beans, some foil and a  few rubber bands. (not pictured but also useful, coffee grinder, spoon, coffee cup and a funnel.)

Step 2: Grinder Time

Delicious coffee, scoop it  into a cup. I  used  the same amount for each bottle of vodka as I would for a pot of coffee.  off to the grinder and back looking like this.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up

Pour one bottle of vodka into the large glass bottle (this one is half a gallon).
Now grab a funnel and pour the coffee in slowly.  When all the coffee is added pour  the  other  bottle of vodka in on top. 

Step 4: Cover and Shake.

Cover with foil.   Secure the foil with rubber bands. 
Give the bottle a quick shake, try to keep as much coffee as possible submerged.

Step 5: Hide It From the Sun.

Find a nice dark closet or cupboard. Place bottle on shelf and  let the magic happen.
Clean up the original vodka bottles and strip off the labels.

Step 6: And Then....

After a few days give your booze a sniff, and a taste. If you like how it has progressed it is time to filter and bottle it.
Grab a coffee filter, a funnel and those spiffy bottles the vodka came in.  Put the filter in the funnel and refill the vodka bottles. I wound up using a pitcher  under the filter. Depending on the size of the funnel you have and the neck size of the bottle this might not be  needed.
It's probably safest to use decaf. Alcohol and Caffeine together are dangerous.
Only dangerous for those who insist on drinking like a fish, which is dangerous with or without the coffee,
What you have there is Coffee Schnapps! Awesome!

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