Step 2: Dry Bones' Head - Part 1

We will begin by making the base of Dry Bones' head. We'll add details later.
+Make a ball of white clay. (Note: white clay picks up other colors easily, so work with clean hands and a clean workspace) *pic 1
+Form a thick log with the ball. Bend the log into an L shape. *pic 2, pic 3
+Hollow out two spots on the inside of one of the arms of the L for Dry Bones' eyes. I useed the clay tool shown, but you can use your fingers, or whatever else you have available Also create a small divot in between his eyes to create an m-forehead shape. *pic 4
+Cut the other arm of the L in half to create Dry Bones' mouth. Slope the bottom portion backwards to create a shorter, deeper bowl shape, and bend the top portion over top to create a beak shape. *pic 5, pic 6
+Add teeth. Engrave a jagged pattern along your mouth with a needle, then fill in with white clay. Use your fingers to smooth the seams. Repeat on other side. *pic 7
+Remove the excess clay from behind Dry Bones' eye sockets. See the shape that needs to be created in *pic 8
+Add a hole for your thread on the underside of Dry Bones' Mouth. Stick the needle in at an angle on one side, and work up the clay, then stick the needle in on the other side to push the hole all the way through. Should form a sort of clay bridge. *pic 9
+Add two small divots on Dry Bones' nose to create nostrils. I used the needle to make two small teardrop shapes. *pic 10
Great! Now he needs some appendages...
<p>Not bad, Now that's a pretty good marionette puppet</p>
Great work on this. It gives me some ideas for creating a Marionette of my own.
This is adorable. Great photos, too!
Great out of the box idea!!
Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to do.
So I've been playing around with your instructable. Dry bones was my first marionette, but I've now made several others. I am doing this with kids this summer, I'll show you pictures when they finish. Thanks for such a great 'able!
Ahh! It's brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!
Absolutely! I'm having so much fun with these, and it's all your fault! :) I just might have to make myself a Mario as well! :) I will keep you posted and I will show you what the kids came up with! Thanks again for such an amazing 'able!
I'm going to make this as well as do it as a project with some kids. I might have to mod it for them, I'll post pic when I finish. This is really very cool, nice nice job!
Great! I love it when people make projects their own - I certainly tailor everybody else's projects to my needs! I await pictures.
Do we get to meet Dry Bones?
This is awesome. You've got my vote.
Thank you so much!
Very nice! You've got my one of my votes! :)
I appreciate it very much!
You should do a video of Dry Bones dancing and embed it! That would be AWESOME! :D
This is so cool! Well done! Instructions are well laid out.
Thanks so much!

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