Step 3: Dry Bones' Limbs

Dry Bones has 4 arms and legs (that are all the same), 2 shoes, and 2 gloves. Let's do those next.
+ Make several small balls of white clay. Giant-pea-sized balls. *pic 1
+Roll one of the balls into a log and cut it in half. *pic 2
+Pierce through the center of the logs to create a tube bead, then engrave decorative lines around the whole thing (Being sure to keep the hole clear). Repeat for a total of 4 arms and legs. See finished arm/leg here: *pic 3
+ Take another small ball and roll it into a lopsided log shape. It should look vaguely like a shoe, because that's what we're making. *pic 4
+Cut out a shoe sole from a sheet of orange/brown clay. Think cheesy gumshoe detective footprints. *pic 5
+Add the sole to the bottom of the shoe, add a rope of clay around the ankle, and pierce through the ankle all the way to the sole to create a passage for your thread. Repeat for a total of 2 shoes. *pic 6
+ Gloves! Squish one of the balls of white clay into a disc and cut out three fingers and a thumb. Cut out a triangle of clay in between the fingers in the thumb. *pic 7, pic 8
+Carefully roll the clay fingers into finger shapes, and bend them under slightly, like dry bones is holding something. Add a rope around the wrist. *pic 9, pic 10
+Add a hole at the wrist, just like on the head. Angle in one side, push up the clay, make a bridge. Repeat for a total of two gloves. *pic 11