Step 4: Dry Bones' Shell

Next, we need something to attach all those miscellaneous parts to. Time for the body.
+I used aluminum foil for the center of the body, to save clay, lessen baking time and make it weigh less. Form an oval-spherical shape and pierce a hole through the center (long ways) for the thread. *pic 1
+Cover half of the foil (long ways) with a thin layer of black clay. Be sure to keep the hole clear! *pic 2
+Use your needle to poke two arm holes. Pierce from the center hole, to a little ways down and to the side. Repeat on the other side. *pic 3
+Roll tan logs and use them to cover the rest of the foil. *pic 4
+Roll a white log and wrap it around the seam of tan and black clay. Keep the hole clear! *pic 5, pic 6
+Create a stone pattern on the black part of the shell. Cut small angular pieces from a thin sheet of grey, and apply them to the shell, keeping black visible in between (like grout). *pic 7, pic 8, pic 9
Make sure the holes are clear.