Step 5: Controls, and Bake 1

This is what we will attatch the string to for the 'marionette' part of Dry Bones. You could use a stick or something instead, but this is prettier! I mean, more professioinal looking.
+Cut a circle out of a thick sheet of yellow clay. *pic 1, pic 2
+ Cut a band about an inch tall, long enough to go around the circle out of thick yellow clay. Wrap it around the disc to create a bowl/container shape. *pic 3
+Pierce two holes in the center of the disc. (Note: Your marionette will be marginally more operable if you make your holes further apart than they are in the picture) *pic 4

Bake everything you have so far according to the manufacturers instructions!

<p>Not bad, Now that's a pretty good marionette puppet</p>
Great work on this. It gives me some ideas for creating a Marionette of my own.
This is adorable. Great photos, too!
Great out of the box idea!!
Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to do.
So I've been playing around with your instructable. Dry bones was my first marionette, but I've now made several others. I am doing this with kids this summer, I'll show you pictures when they finish. Thanks for such a great 'able!
Ahh! It's brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!
Absolutely! I'm having so much fun with these, and it's all your fault! :) I just might have to make myself a Mario as well! :) I will keep you posted and I will show you what the kids came up with! Thanks again for such an amazing 'able!
I'm going to make this as well as do it as a project with some kids. I might have to mod it for them, I'll post pic when I finish. This is really very cool, nice nice job!
Great! I love it when people make projects their own - I certainly tailor everybody else's projects to my needs! I await pictures.
Do we get to meet Dry Bones?
This is awesome. You've got my vote.
Thank you so much!
Very nice! You've got my one of my votes! :)
I appreciate it very much!
You should do a video of Dry Bones dancing and embed it! That would be AWESOME! :D
This is so cool! Well done! Instructions are well laid out.
Thanks so much!

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