Step 6: Dry Bones' Head - Part 2; Decorating Controls

Now we are going to make Dry Bones look like Dry Bones.
+The head should be nice and solid now that it has been baked. Fill in the eye sockets and nostrils with black clay. *pic 1, pic 2
+Add two small yellow dots to the eyes for pupils. *pic 3
+If you want to smooth over any mistakes on Dry Bones, add white clay and smooth it in.
Decorating the Controls: Optional, but awesome.
+Cut thin strips from a sheet of thin orange clay.Add strips and small dots in a square shape to outer rim of yellow controls.*pic 4, pic 5
+Roll a thin white rope, shape into a question mark and place in center of orange square. Repeat all the way around. *pic 6, pic 7

Bake these two pieces again! (still according to the manufacturer's instructions)