Picture of Dry Chili
If you’re anything at all like me, chilies, especially the hot ones are an ingredient best used sparingly. So, what do we do if we come into a large number of fresh chillies all at once? Rather than just letting them spoil, we dry them instead.

There are two methods that I use, the first  is to hang the chili. This method works well in the warmer months when there is a warm dry climate.

1. It is easy and requires less ongoing attention than rack drying. It is best described as set and forget.
2. You can dry large a large number of chilies in a small space.

1. It takes longer than rack drying.
2. More prone to rot than rack drying.

The second method, Rack drying is used in the colder months. when hanging simply won't work.

1. It's much faster than hanging.
2. Rot isn't a problem

1. Needs active supervision.
2. takes up a lot more space than hanging.
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Step 1: The Chilies

Picture of The Chilies

The process always starts with good quality fresh chillies. They should have the stalk still attached and be in good condition.Any damage to the skin will allow rot to set in so any blemished chilies should be set aside for other uses.

Step 2: Method One: Hanging

Picture of Method One: Hanging
The first method I use is to hang the chili. As the name implies, you simply attach the chili to a string and hang it up.

You should try to hang the chili is a place that is warm, dry and has good air flow.

There are two ways to hang the chili on a string best described as the Needle or Knot methods.
agrores4 years ago
lovely ))
Bongmaster4 years ago
i did this with a couple of batches of fresh mixed chilies,
one in a warm cuboard for drying clothes, and one in a slightly warm oven..
i admit the warm cuboard was the better method since it didnt slightly bake them like the oven did.

after i ground them up separated the powder from the flakes and seeds and stored them, the powder is pretty potent stuff and needs to be used with alot of care x3

and caused a hell of alot of sneezing while grinding them up :S worth it in the end