Picture of Dry Erase Board Solution to Permanent Marks
Oh No!!! You just used a permanent marker on a white /dry erase board!!!!
With this simple trick you'll be able to erase permanent Sharpy marks from your white board.

All you need is:
1. Regular Expo dry erase marker
2. Dry eraser or paper towle

I only tried erasing permanent Sharpy marks. Let me know if this trick works on other brands as well.

Step 1: STEP 1: Dry Erase Marker

Picture of STEP 1: Dry Erase Marker
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Begin by scribbling with your dry erase Expo marker all over your permanent marks.

Next erase the scribbles.

If all of the perminate marks do not come off the first time scribble on it again with your dry erase marker, then erase again.

I've always let my kids write or draw on the refrigerator or stove, too - they love it and they're out from underfoot. It's great for practicing spelling words, working out algebra, etc. while I'm there with them and cooking, washing dishes, etc. Happily, I can tell you that this trick works on my appliances, too, if someone grabs a Sharpie "by mistake!"

I work with Ph.D's. This happens more often than you would think...generally during EVERY lecture...Thank you thank you thank you. I will be the rock star of the lecture room now. Maybe someone will write a paper about it. Hazah!!!
Joe Bass (author)  Brightfield Farm1 year ago

Great! I'm happy you like it and that I could help!

stroland2 years ago
I realize this six months old but one of my students showed how to do it. I used it for about five years on every brand that was used in the classroom.

Thanks for sharing.
shtihl2 years ago
this trick also works on computer screen
Joe Bass (author)  shtihl2 years ago
Cool! I did not know that.