Picture of Dry Erase Decision Wheel
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My friend is extremely indecisive, almost to the point of it being a disorder, so for her 21st birthday I built her this one-of-a-kind gift, (I did a great deal of research to authenticate its originality).

The user divides the surface into sections with the marker, writes choices in those sections, and spins the wheel, effectively eliminating the burden of making difficult choices!

Not only was this a fun build, but it cost me $0 (due to the fact that I made a part of this in a machine shop at work), not to mention I got to use my new Dremel Trio.


Dremel Trio
Vertical Bandsaw
Drill Press
Circle Cutting Drill Attachment
Power Sander (and sandpaper)


3/4" thick wooden board (approx 8"x8")
1/8" thick aluminum
Dry Erase Board and Marker
Misc. hardware (bolts/washers etc)
Wood Stain
Super Glue/Cement
Bead Chain and eye-screw (optional)

NOTE: this is not a commercialized product, I came up with this on my own, so I'd appreciate all thoughts and suggestions!

Step 1: Cut out the Body

Picture of Cut out the Body
This project was made possible by the fact that I used the tool shown in the picture below - an adjustable circle cutting bit, which is literally as old as I am (given to me by a family friend).

The widest diameter it could cut was 5", so I went with that as the width of the base.

I cut into the wood slowly because attacking the wood too fast could loosen the cutting tool or damage the gears in the drill press.  In this step I simply marked the outer diameter, because I would need the whole surface of the board available for the next step.
noahh4 years ago
Or you could use a Jump To Conclusions Mat:
wocket noahh4 years ago
oh i adore office space!
guyzo35 (author)  noahh4 years ago
Did you actually make that?! I love it!!! (and office space, obviously)
noahh guyzo354 years ago
No, I just found this on Google images. I've always wanted to make one, though.
TopherWiles4 years ago
What a great idea! What has your response been on these? Anyone else shown you your design? I'm considering it for a larger scale project in my shop.
guyzo35 (author)  TopherWiles4 years ago
Well, the person I gave it to obviously liked it. What do you mean by "anyone else?"

By larger scale, do you mean making many of them as per my dimensions, or a single wheel with larger dimensions?
knuffe4 years ago
What a great gift for those who are decisional imper'd.
CrLz4 years ago
Very cool idea.
guyzo35 (author)  CrLz4 years ago
Thanks everyone! Next step is making it key-chain sized.
foobear4 years ago
zupHC4 years ago
And I just need one :D
Great work