Dry Ice Bubble Project for Kids

Picture of Dry Ice Bubble Project for Kids
This is a dry ice project that kids should have a lot of fun with! In addition to having fun, they'll also learn the science behind dry ice. My son had a lot of fun playing around with it - but you need to be extremely careful so you and the kids don't get hurt. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide - the same gas we exhale out when breathing. It's also used to carbonate drinks and make soda. You'll need a nice pair of thick insulated gloves for handling the dry ice and you can also use tongs. When dry ice "melts," (it doesn't technically melt - but you know what I mean) rather than becoming a liquid, it changes directly from a solid to a gas. The process is called sublimation - and you can see it happen!

Warning: Dry ice is dangerously cold and you should not let your skin or body come in direct contact with it. It's also a good idea to be in a well-ventilated area - even better, you can do it outside. You can get frost bite if you're not careful. When buying it, do not place it in an airtight enclosed container - leave it open a crack. It's also a good idea to wear safety goggles. Please be safe and exercise caution with this - especially doing this with the kids. Have fun and do this at your own risk! For more dry ice safety information, you can read about it here.

Here is a super short video demonstration of it in action! This one in the video was a small bubble - but it was still cool to see it pop!
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Step 1: Materials for Dry Ice Project

Picture of Materials for Dry Ice Project
  • Dry Ice - it can be purchased at some major grocery chains (I bought mine at a Super Walmart) - it costs about $1-1.30/lb. more or less - you might want to call the store to verify that they sell it
  • Bowl & Cup
  • Long piece of scrap material about an inch thick by 10 inches long
  • Dish Soap
  • Safety Gloves
  • Water
pcanywii1 month ago
I live around NC and I don't know where to buy it. If I can find it, where would it be in the store?
JoQuez246 months ago


iphone5Slover6 months ago
jeroenstelt11 months ago
I'm from the netherlands dry ice are just ice cubes?
HollyMann (author)  jeroenstelt8 months ago
Hi there! They are not the same as regular ice can read about it here if you like: :)
jimmysymo8 months ago
Yes .Quite cold ,have never seen this where I live. (dry ice ) i"ll ask around. thanks. Have a good day., how old is your Son?
HollyMann (author)  jimmysymo8 months ago
:) Thanks for the comment - it is fun to play around with! :)
M.C. Langer11 months ago
Nice project. I'm so sorry we couldn't meet when I was in US...
HollyMann (author)  M.C. Langer11 months ago
Thanks Mario - me too...;)
I sent you a private message on Facebook. How are you?
donedirtcheap11 months ago
Good mom. I like this, Holly.
HollyMann (author)  donedirtcheap11 months ago
:) Thanks!!!
poofrabbit11 months ago
Oh I love doing this, glad you shared it with the community!
HollyMann (author)  poofrabbit11 months ago
Thank you poofrabbit!!! :)
lolboy87611 months ago
HollyMann (author)  lolboy87611 months ago
thanks lolboy and love your pic!
ynze11 months ago
Coooooooool! (and cold)
HollyMann (author)  ynze11 months ago
Thanks so much!
nerfrocketeer11 months ago
This is really cool!
HollyMann (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago
Thanks so much! It was fun...bought it to try to freeze dry some stuff and did this too! :)
I see what you did there!
Haha yes. Its very cool. :P