Picture of Dry-Ice Smoke Ring Cannon! (No fog machine necessary)
Some may be already thinking "what separates this Smoke ring shooter from others on instructables?"
Well......... Typical Smoke ring shooters (like Kip-Kay's and other people's) require a fog machine in order to create the smoke needed for the rings. When fog machine's can cost in excess of $100 where I live, many may resort to dry ice. At first I tried just dumping some dry ice in the bottom and pouring some water in. Since the co2 is heavier than air, it just stayed at the bottom and I epicly failed. Luckily the solution is supper simple and cheap...
Dry ice
Hot glue
Some garbage bin or large bucket of some sort
A good sized container with a lid. (like a lemonade pitcher with a lid)
2 feet of garden hose
Garbage bag
Ping pong ball or something similar
Some string
tape tape tape tape :D

Step 1: Choose Your Size

Picture of Choose Your Size
You're going to want to decide what size you're system will be. Will it be a big garbage bin or a large bucket? I went for the large bucket. If you want to upsize you're system you will have to upsize everything. The picture displayed is the container I used. I'll explain more on this subject later...
www1395 months ago

sounds cool! I might be doing something similar for a local theatrical show in town. Very cool!

Delo973 years ago
"Your hole", "your judgement" and "your bin". Sorry to be a grammar nazi, i'll not bother you anymore.
I'll is capitalized, and "i'll not" is improper. It should be "I won't" or "I will not".

- Just sayin'
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kooldoode3 years ago
haha never in my life has supper been easy, unless its in teh microwave.
haha nice instructable, fun shooting rings at people.
ramicaza (author)  kooldoode3 years ago
thanks! From you're comment, it sounds like you built it?