Step 4: Smoke Feed

Cut a hole just smaller than the outer diameter of you garden hose into the bin. Now insert the garden hose into the hole.
<p>sounds cool! I might be doing something similar for a local theatrical show in town. Very cool!</p>
&quot;Your hole&quot;, &quot;your judgement&quot; and &quot;your bin&quot;. Sorry to be a grammar nazi, i'll not bother you anymore.
I'll is capitalized, and &quot;i'll not&quot; is improper. It should be &quot;I won't&quot; or &quot;I will not&quot;. <br><br><br>- Just sayin'
haha never in my life has supper been easy, unless its in teh microwave.<br>haha nice instructable, fun shooting rings at people.<br>
thanks! From you're comment, it sounds like you built it?

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Bio: Im just a kid who loves making anything from spud guns to electronics projects.
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