Dryer Maintenance




Introduction: Dryer Maintenance

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Step 1: Watch This Video to Learn to Take Care of Your Dryer

Why dryer maintenance?

  • A build up of lint in the dryer, dryer duct, or vent pipe can spark a fire.
  • Lint buildup can make a dryer become less efficient and/or ultimately stop heating.
  • Clean the lint trap every time the dryer is used.
  • Clean the dryer duct & vent pipe at least once a year or more if machine starts to dry less efficiently.


  • Vacuum with hand held tools
  • Various dusting materials such as microfiber cloths
  • Screwdriver
  • Aluminum foil duct tape
  • Dryer brushes
  • Dust mask if especially sensitive to dust


  • Unplug dryer before starting to work.
  • Remove the dryer duct to access the vent pipe. When reattaching, use aluminum foil duct tape to seal the duct to the vent pipe & back of machine before reattaching the clamps.
  • Check the dryer duct for crimping as this can trap lint. In the video we shortened the duct as it was crimped at one end & was not sealed properly allowing dust into the room. The duct cuts easily with tin snips.
  • Gently remove outside vent cover as it could break.



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