Note that this instructable pre-dates the latest version of Simplify3D and its support for dual extrusion printers.

This instructable illustrates how Sketchup can be used to create dual extruder (e.g. two color) 3D prints using Simplify3D as the slicer.

Our demo task is to produce a rectangle of black plastic with the name "Sara", in grey plastic, embedded into the surface of the black plaque. This is a simple example but the techique is scalable and the Sketchup instructions should work with other slicers.

The Sketchup file for this example is attached below.

Step 1: Setting Up the Framework

We are going to use the Sketchup Layers feature to help us organize the individual elements of our model. There will be three layers with the default layer containing the bounding box that will align everything for the slicer.

To get started create a frame in the default layer with a height less than the layer height that you will print. In this example I am using a height of 0.1mm given that I will print at 0.2mm. Simplify3D will ignore this shape when it slices your model. Note that it will also ignore anything that it thinks is part of this shape so don't have anything touching it!

<p>Great job on your first Instructable! It's pretty cool what can be done with 3D printing.</p>

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