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Introduction: Dual Korg Volca Stand

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Do you own one or more of the Korg Volca synthesizers? Do you own the Beats, Keys, Bass, Sampler, or even the FM (shiny, shiny)!? DO YOU?! Well I bet you've run into the problem of space with all those synths and bad hand posture. Don't be a peasant, leaving your gear sprawled all about. Make a beautiful stand for people to admire while they listen to your sweet tunes!

Step 1: Tools and Material

Tools you will need:

• Power Drill (or hand drill, no judgement)

• #18 drill bit (4.3mm drill bit for metric)

• 1/8th inch drill bit

• Sand Papers of a range of grit (80,120,240,400 for example)

• Jigsaw or small hand saw

• Screwdriver of sorts

Materials needed:

•24inch (60cm) by 12inch (30cm) by 1/2 inch (12.25mm) thick piece of wood for the side panels **note: wood of your choice; I went with a curly piece of Koa. MDF will work here.

• 12inch (30cm) by 2inch (5.1cm) by 1/2inch (12.25mm) piece of cheap lumber. **note: MDF will NOT work for this piece.

• Yard stick (meter stick)

• Glue stick or tape• 8x #8-32 wood screws of your choice

• Volca Stand Template (provided on this page) printed full size on regular 8x11 printer paper

• Safety glasses and dusk mask advised for wood working

Step 2: Standard Korg Volca Size

All of the Korg Volca's have a standard size. No matter which one you own the body of a Volca will be 7.58 inch (19.25 cm) x 4.5 inch (11.45 cm) x 1.15 inch (2.9 cm).

For the stand, I chose to have the lower Volca at an angle of 15 degrees and the upper Volca at an angle of 45 degrees from horizontal.

Step 3: Wood Working

Side Panels:

Now is the time to print out and cut the Volca template.

Tape or glue the template down to the wood.

Take your drill and drill in the center of the four circular features in the template.

Cut slightly on the outside of the template.

Repeat the above to form the second side panel.

Screw the two sides together and sand the edges flush.

Sand the sides of the panels and finish it with your choice of wax

Middle Support:

If you bought a larger piece of wood, then measure and draw out two 7.58 inch (19.25 cm) by 2 inch (5.1 cm) by 0.5 inch (12.25 mm) strip of wood.

Cut along the measured lines.

Print out another Volca template and cut out the set of two hole and tape it onto the side of the wood. As for me, I used the measurements and drew out some cross hairs for where to drill the holes. Use a 1/8th drill bit for these holes

Drill holes.

Repeat for the second side of the support, and for the second support beam.

Step 4: Polish and Assemble

Line up the side panel and the side supports.

Screw in the supports to the side and repeat for the other side!

Don't forget to add a little oil, wax, or other wood treatment to the side.

Voilá! You have yourself a beautiful ergo looking Korg Volca synth stand!


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Any idea what it would take to construct something similar to this Maschine Jam / MK2 rack?

Maschin Jam_MK3 Rack Front.jpgMaschin Jam_MK3 Rack Rear.jpgMaschin Jam_MK3 Rack Side.jpgMaschin Jam_MK3 Rack.jpg
2 replies

Not too bad of a build. if you don't want to use metal rods, wood is an acceptable substitute. I would say its probably a few hours for a rough build.

It doesn't seem too difficult. hardest part will be getting those spacers right, wooden panels could work as a replacement for the metal as well.

hi was just wondering what those rubber circles near the support are called? and where did you get them?


These rubber bumper feet can be found at most hardware stores. It's sold usually around the drawer or cabinet sections from my experience!

One last pic. Thanks for this DIY. All my supplies cost around $10 and now I have a beautiful synth!!

16, 9:00 AM.jpg

Hey thanks for this! I ended up modifying your design to make it fit four, and also make it fully enclosed. I'm gonna install audio outputs on the back and a single power input, then have all the cables hidden inside. Thinking I might even build in a simple passive summing mixer to have them all on one audio output for jamming :D

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That is intense! Also, I have been a fan of your music since I saw Slide in a long boarding video. Glad I could contribute back a little bit!

I made it. I made it a bit wider and put rubber feet inside to hold them in place. This also allows me to use the decksaver a. The whole thing is oak. Also look at how I attached the struts. I used bolts so there will not be any loosening.

16, 12:06 AM.jpg16, 12:06 AM.jpg16, 12:06 AM.jpg
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Nice!! I like the addition of the rubber feet! Also the Rolls mini mixer ;)

awesome thank you guys very helpful!!!

Hi, can I ask when printing the template in Preview on Mac the scale of ' entire image' is 94%.

Should I leave it at this OR should I be increasing the scale to a full 100%?


2 replies

Hmmm, that is odd that the scaling would be off. I would print at 100%! Hope that helps! I am still working on the layout of the quad in my free time, so it may be a little bit. Sorry!

Thanks for that. Great news that you are working on a quad stand. Can't wait for that to come. Keep up the good work.

Think you can rustle up a quad?

Mr Demon,

What keeps the bottom unit from slippy sliding out the bottom end? Is it just the tightness of the sides holding them in? (cuz that would be tite) or do you have it pegged or something? It looks great though, good job!

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oh i see where this got answered down there. Thx again!