Sometimes, just one MakeyMakey isn't enough for your project!

Here's how to use two at the same time.

( Ignore this Instructable if you have issues with the drivers, & head to

Using Chrome, you can remap the keypresses in a web API, simply by following the onscreen instructions!

Very simple, if slightly fiddly. But overall painless. )

Step 1: Are You Sure?

Firstly, are you sure that you need two boards?

The MakeyMakey has extra inputs available, and they add another 5 possible inputs without more than adding a few wires.

I've circled them in green, and by simply adding a few wires they will send the key presses for W A S D F G without having to break out the re programming software.

So suddenly, you have 12 inputs, which might be enough.

However, if you need more, we can add another board.
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