Dual Monitor Wall Mount


Introduction: Dual Monitor Wall Mount

I wanted a nice way to mount my dual monitor setup on the wall. My monitors are over 5 years old and don't have nice wall mounting abilities. However they do have perfect little slits in the base that will allow me to hook them to the wall.

Piece of wood to mount your monitors to
Two hooks
Drywall Anchors


The materials cost a little under $15 at Lowe's.

It'd be even cooler if you had something more interesting to mount your monitors onto.

Step 1: Position the Monitors

Lay your board on the floor and set your monitors on it. Then position them where you want them mounted. Mark their positions. I laid the hooks on top of the monitor base to get an idea of where I wanted the hooks.

Step 2: Attach the Hooks.

Now, simply attach the hooks to the wood using the provided hardware.

Depending on the thickness of your wood, the screws used to attach the hooks may be poking out the back. To correct this, I just hammered the sharp screw points over to the side.

Next, nail two of the picture mounts to the back of the board. Make SURE they are level with each other. I chose to mount them in the same line as the hooks, so the weight would be centered over each mount.

Step 3: Install Anchors

The next step is to install anchors into your drywall. Be sure to make measurements so that the wood will be centered where you want it and that you space the anchors the right distance apart for the mounts.

It is very important that these two screws are level with one another.

For best results, install these screws into studs. I do not have a stud-finder and didn't feel like putting a bunch of holes in my wall until I found one. If you have the correct drywall anchors, then you won't have any problems.

Step 4: Attach Wood to Wall.

Just as the title says, now just hang your wood on the wall.

I found it easier to hang the monitors after the wood was already on the wall.

Step 5: Hook Up Equipment

Hook your monitors back up and hang them on the hooks. It's going to be a little tricky since the cords are going to want to come out the same slit, but it's doable.

And you're finished!

Now I have so much more room on my desk.

For those who may be interested. I chose to use hooks because there will be times when I need to transport my monitor somewhere and I wanted that option available. You can also use this same method to mount the monitors straight onto the wall (and save yourself $5).



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    Well, I might as well try this with my old monitor... wouldn't try it with anything over 15 inches though...

    even if you don't have dual monitor, this is a great idea for those of us with little desk space and can't spend a bundle to do this! kudos!

    WOW, well done, thats actuall really simple, and i can understand that its actually probs quite solid. Ive just Bought a fully adjustable metal arm to attach my second screen too. was only £15 on Ebay.

    That's awesome! I still haven't tried out dual monitoring..

    1 reply

    DO IT - tho i worn you, you will just want more.

    Very nice...please post pics when they fall down and post instructable on how to cope with the loss...just kiddin. Really a great idea and it looks awesome. +1 fav

    Cool! It really holds them? I wouldn't want $400 worth of monitor falling

    1 reply

    That's a good point. Yes, it has no trouble holding up the monitors.