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Introduction: And There You Have It...

A dual waterproof housing for all your consumer electronics. Works great on car key remote controls, for surfers who are fed up with leaving their keys under a wheel, and having all their clothes nicked...



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    Is there a sample underwater image?

    Looks like it is more waterproof than photo useful. Poly zip lock food storage bags can do both. Easier and quicker. Hefty OneZip in the US and really good for the purpose. Maybe a bit of tape over the zipper to prevent accidental opening in the water..... ts

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    I would not even risk it personally... As a kayaker, surfer, and coasteerer, I've been looking for a long time for a way to waterproof my first aid kit. Pretty much nothing resist prolonged immersion in water. We've tried Poly zip lock bags, dry bags, plastic food containers, all kinds of stuff. Try and put stuff in a poly zip lock bag, go for a one hour swim, and see what happens... The condom housing does work, but it is quite fragile however, and would not survive the coasteering treatment... Just my 2 cents worth...

    Ammo cans would work well as an otterbox on the cheap. They don't look pretty though, have fun.

    Yeah, for what you are talking about. Kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. Youare much better off coughing up the coin for an Otterbox type device. They are much more durable. As for this instructable, I don't think I'd trust my expensive electronics to a condom. However, they are great to use the same way the military does. To protect the barrel of your rifle....

    A Nalgene water bottle makes an inexpensive waterproof first aid kit on shorter trips. To save space, wrap lengths of waterproof adhesive tape around a plastic film canister so you can leave the original roll of tape at home. Pack the film canister with a few assorted medications -- trim blister packs or separate pills in small sealed plastic bags -- or whatever else might fit inside. It's a bit harder to get things out of this kit, but it's inexpensive and worked for me and still !

    I've tried this approach with a BDH, rather than a film canister: BDH sealed with waterproof tape, inside a dry bag... it still failed.

    OK sam - I was thinking more from the standpoint of kayaking with a camera I want to take pictures with without taking it out of the protection to get the photo. 2 layers of latex must not make a very good lens/filter. ts

    Great idea!!! I do spearfishing in < 10 mt water so i think this will be great! They sells condoms for anal purpose which are even more resistant than normal ones (at few money!). My question is: which glue did you use? Thank You

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    Great way to reuse those condoms you just hate to throw away :P

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    Pictures come out cloudy using that method though. :)

    I'm just gonna stop myself from reading on right here.


    Why not just put the condom on inside out - then the lube or powder would be on the outside - and when you use it in the water - voila! It is washed away leaving you with a clear condom. Great instructable, I was trying to think of ways to waterproof my mp3 player for skiing and cycling, motorcycling etc. I thought of zip-lock, but not this! I prefer this because it has a cool factor, and also I can guarantee that water won't get in. Thanks Mr. Noyoun.

    only problem is, I'm 14, so where exactly am I going to get one? well, I guess there's always homeless shelters...

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    just buy them its legal at any age or go to a health center and get them for free

    awkward. hey? I'd like a know, to waterproof my camera. right......