Picture of Dual firing, Knex sniper, true trigger with scope.
Knex sniper pictures 005.jpg
Knex sniper pictures 003.jpg
Easy to make sniper with scope and a true trigger. NOTE!! At the end of this instructable, the elastic bands and hard to put on properly. It cant shoot green, white or blue rods accurately but it can shoot the bigger rods and hit on target well.

Step 1: The parts for this.

Picture of The parts for this.
Get these parts.
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hokiew4 years ago
how many yellows r there???
i cant count them :P thanks
danicle4 years ago
what are the bullets and how do you load
cranberys5 years ago
 fishfrog do you have a single barell one
The Fishfrog (author)  cranberys4 years ago
 definitely not a sniper
Concentrate on your own instructables instead of trying to prove me wrong....  I made it and it does perfectly well as a sniper...
The sniper is the person. The rifle is the gun.
cranberys5 years ago
 fish frog is there a single barel version
nice it is much better than my stupid gun
The Fishfrog (author)  knexdestroyer5 years ago
I just built you gun and no... it isnt stupid, its very good!
zmxninja5 years ago
hey well i find the elastic band bit hard so can u edit it and make it a bit more clear in step by step
qscfthnko5 years ago
i love it how you say what u need before u start, it makes it soooo much easier
The Fishfrog (author)  qscfthnko5 years ago
Thank you.   More people should do this    Dont you think so?
The Fishfrog (author) 5 years ago
your right     ill try sorting it out
An Villain5 years ago
this is weird, one of the first i built, i could not get it to go together tough.
The Fishfrog (author)  An Villain5 years ago
its hard to put the elastic bands on correctly i know im sorry about that
no, i built without instruction, just a sort of glance over the instructions then i built it, and since the body is already straining i could not figure it out, i may try again though.
The Fishfrog (author)  An Villain5 years ago
im gonna change it now
change what?
The Fishfrog (author)  An Villain5 years ago
elastic band places
the band places are fine, it is just it is under so much stress.
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
i warned people this would be hard.... ok balance the elastic bands power so that you can pull the orange piece out of the way of the red rod and also put elastic bands to hold back the green rod at the top of the orange connecter
its just hard to pull, but great job 4*
The Fishfrog (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Thanks 4 building and thanks 4 the rating! ill have to do some of your instructables now =)
my ones suck, i need to make guns soon, you know ive only played with knex guns since april when i joined?!
The Fishfrog (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
thats good but your thunder pistol is really good from the looks of it. 10/10
not mine, its killer safe crackers i just moded it and made a video
The Fishfrog (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
still nice mods
it dosent work
The Fishfrog (author)  knexmaster996 years ago
yes it does i have 4 friends that have made it and found it easy to make....... It might just be too hard for you to get the elastic bands right......
im on last step but i mighta put somthin together wrong and maybe the rubber bands
plz help me im lookin at it and im very confused i musta missed somthin i hav 3 bands left and also could u help me on the how shoot it ty though 5/5 and pretty cool
The Fishfrog (author)  blackcat342246 years ago
ok what step are you on?
Blue Yoshi6 years ago
i think tis is a great design for first instructable, because of this design i have subscribed and i hope everyone who read this comment also subscribes. 5 stars for effort and the presentation of your pictures, well done.
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
It isnt connected by string.
The Jamalam6 years ago
LOL sniper rifle. Rifles are generally big (the actual defenition is with a corkscrew barrel making the bullet spin) but in knex terms, it means just a big gun, other than a shotgun. Also it can't be a rifle if it has 2 barrels. this is a sawn-off scattergun with no obvious stock. 4 stars for the effort and the fact it is true trigger. Well done!
The Fishfrog (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Thank you
it looks like two blocks connected by string to a trigger so i would say block true. i like block true but not when it uses string
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