Picture of Duck Mouse
Captured on video: a duck-footed mouse, created through the wonders of taxidermy. This is an advanced project; see mouse taxidermy for the basics and Conjoined Twin Mice and LED Throwie Rat for other advanced projects.

Warning: this Instructable contains taxidermy, chimeras, and humor. View at your own risk.

We've come up with two edits of the Duck Mouse video: first, a short guts-free trailer to pique your interest, then a more complete view of all the taxidermy action.

Duck Mouse Trailer
The shorter guts-free version:

Duck Mouse Full Release
The longer version, including a bit of dissection:

Step 1: Obtain and dry duck feet

Picture of Obtain and dry duck feet
Find yourself some fresh duck feet.

If you or your friends hunt or raise ducks, you're all set. Otherwise you could visit your local asian grocery, butcher shop, or live poultry source and ask for the leftovers. These feet came from a green-winged teal I shot myself. I ate the rest of the bird (VERY good) and saved the wings in my chest freezer for a future project.

Cut the feet off just at the bottom of the feathers, and wash them in nice soapy water. The webbed feet will fold up if you let them, so spread out the webbing and pin them on a piece of cardboard to dry. You'll need two pins to keep the toes spread, and a couple of pins to prop the leg in an upright position. Try to make as few holes in the feet as possible.

I left mine on the mantel to dry, and just forgot about them for a couple of days. If you're in an excessively humid area, it may be necessary to put them in an oven set to "keep warm" to dry them out. They'll be stiff and a bit crispy when dry, so handle gently.
abeldejesus3 months ago
Estupidos dejen de hacer experimentos en animales como si fueran cosas o instrumentos
came69204 months ago
Scary, but i can appreciate the time and effort you put into this
runmy4 months ago


It's quite interesting that the mouse appears to be smiling.
Disturbing but very funny. Great ible!
kuehjo3 years ago
Personally I found the video EXTREMELEY well done, entertaining (for what it is), and the final product adorable and respectful in a way that that mouse NEVER would have gotten when it was alive. If you're against this kind of stuff, why are you watching? I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that 99% of the naysayers would have scooped the dead mouse out of the pool (with the net, you know - too squeamish to TOUCH a dead, drowned mouse) and promptly dumped said dead mouse into the trash can. Seriously. Who among you would ACTUALLY have fed a drowned mouse to your cat? REALLY?????? Where's the people crying "cat cruelty!!" How long do you think that thing was dead anyways? Or dug a grave?? "Oh - lets have a funeral service for the drowned mouse!" Do you stop and bury roadkill too? Good grief people... If you don't like it, don't do it. Do we need to sermonize? (and now I'm probably just as bad...)
sweetkits7 years ago
this is not funny at all,nothing to laugh about
ilpug sweetkits3 years ago
well im laughing
ur right its not funny

its hillarious
ARE you kiwi it seems sicuh a kiwi thing to do
I could only hope and pray that someone does something as funny as this with my body after I'm dead.
man... i hope they give my body to the guy that said he would give people kangaroo legs... lmao
for real? I remember jackass went to one and asked if their grandma could be stuffed
I dunno. I think it would be pretty cool, actually... i said it as a joke first, though.
Lei_Kei3 years ago
I really like this idea, but will the hands and tail rot, or is Borax enough to perserve it?
slithien4 years ago
lol borax... i always laugh when i hear that word. this is sort of mean to the mouse... how would you like to walk around heaven with emu legs???
This rat is dead and thus, is no longer concerned with walking.
Yes i no , BUT what if there realy is a afterlife? The rat would be laughed at and wouldnt rest in peace.
Do mice go to Heaven I mean you dont see them in churches or anything. The animal is dead if you bought it from the reptile shop it was killed to feed a pet snake that isnt a great lifetime ambition I would rather be turned into a piece of art than have had my entire life's purpose as a snake food.
finton rat_man4 years ago
You've never heard the expression "Quiet as a church-mouse"? : ]

If there's food (perhaps the communion wafers?), warmth and a dry hideout, mice would live there as well as any other home, I'd guess. As for them going to Heaven: far as I know there's never been a mouse Jesus, and I assume that like humans, mice can't get to Heaven just by being good.

Personally I'd rather be cremated (I'm a bit concerned about that coming-to-in-the-coffin-underground thing) and scattered over my vege garden; that way the guests at my first deathday anniversary party catered for by my wife could all say "there's a little of him in each of us"...
mhall8 rat_man4 years ago
Obviously you've never been to a Christian university around Homecoming. Every year someone would release mice in the chapel, so yes, you do see mice in church. :)
rat_man mhall84 years ago
this then begs the question do they listen and accept god into their life? Oh I could go on about the philosophical ins and outs of the religion of mice but I would much rather preform taxidermy :)
Grim but cool
triumphman4 years ago
see the mouse crispies "jalapeno chili popper" instructable, its where the mouses are. Or were...
Dr Qui4 years ago

I love the gimpy expression the mouse has, intentional or just luck?

I bet the mouse's last though as it fell in you pool was "I wish i had duck feet"

Needs a shield, helmet and sword.

tictaclad4 years ago
I have a couple of questions for all the people who are leaving comments talking about how wrong this is. 1. what do you want me to do with the mouse i found dead, drowned in my pool and the duck i hunted and ATE this season? and 2, which i'm more curious about, why are you even looking at this instructable if you are so against this??
al.ex4 years ago
this is sick...
This is the second how to I've seen that involves degrading a dead animal. I'm no hipy but don't do that(#_#) (;
Oh, then I guess I'll just toss out this skin and let it go to waste. The Native Americans are a wise people. They used every part of a buffalo. Couldn't they just as easily made a fake mustache or some other comical prop out of the skin of a buffalo? Plus, on a more related not, even if the mouse somehow felt shame or embarrassment in life, it feels nothing in death. Once I die, I could have someone stuff my body and replace the lower half with goat legs and put little horns on the forehead, and I wouldn't care because I wouldn't be there to see/feel anything about it. Just like I wouldn't care if a hobo covered in his own feces violated my dead body. People could tape it and post it on the internet and I wouldn't be embarrassed in the least, so get over it! Left in the wild, it would have been consumed by another animal. Like this, it has become a godly creature normally seen only in dreams and Saturday morning cartoons!
I forgot to say otherwise it is kinda morbidly cute.....I just hope you use the insides of that mouse for bait or give it to your cat or something. If nothing else put it back in the wild so other animals could benefit from it. That all I'm saying.
Do you keep all of your little creatures? Did you use the innards of this mouse? I get what you are saying but it isn't really valid unless you use all of the animal that you can. I can't say I am necessarily a fan of the practice but I think the real issue for me anyhow is the whether or not you are doing it in an effort to use otherwise discarded waste or if it is just for the sake of making funny little creatures.
Dude, your Capslock is on.
That's a very good point, this looks funny but it sorta demoralizes the animal.
so... it's going to hurt their feelings?
I said demoralizes, I didn't say anything about their feelings. Hey, I don't wan get into an argument because it will go nowhere, so let's just leave it at that.
Screamo4 years ago
Poor mouse, give it its real legs back!
robotman35 years ago
that is beast!
mihai2mn5 years ago
 sooooo cool and the music makes it so much better. taxidermy FTW
guerrilla5 years ago
 How does this only have 3 stars?  Greatest instructable ever!
I wonder if you could put it on anesthetic, cut of it's legs, and then attach fresh duck legs. You wold have a whole new, live animal! Of course, youd need to be a surgeon.

Creepy but cool!
Alisons6 years ago
Aww, look at it! It's smiling :D It's happy! This is so cute. xD
0jack5 years ago
This is surreal and morbidly amusing.  Have you considered making any stop-motion movies starring your little creations?  I can see this bold chap with a felt hat with a little feather, a tiny belt & a sword.  You could do Shakespeare!   I would love to see a feathered frog as well, maybe with a little top hat.  Out of curiosity, could one 'dress' a puppet (on strings) in an animal skin and have it still move, or is it not possible to preserve the skin so that it remains flexible?  

Of course, I'm assuming that the killings of the animals were relatively humane, etc, etc, &c (which is better than Mother Nature offers) (and, yes, hunting counts if you're not a dolt about it).  It's not too hard to humanely euthanize a mouse with a bit of skill, either.  While I find this to be quirky and amusing, and with some value, I've broken off friendships with people who use those horrific adhesive traps for mice.  So, I am one of those fussy, squicky people, too.  :p  Taxidermy: a neutral and subjective concept.  Knowingly allowing a living creature to die slowly of thirst while terrified and in terrible pain while you sit a few feet away: not so much.  Ew.
humrattle 0jack5 years ago
I cannot agree more with you about the glue traps. Such a horrible way to die, trapped like that for days. I still use them where the spring loaded ones aren't feasible, but I made it a point to get a pump action air pistol to hurry them along once I hear the frantic squeaking. 
moire5 years ago
I agree with sweetkits, this shouldnt be here among innocent gizmos.

the final movie is a bit demented but the ending made me question "that" person...
Someguy445 years ago
Now to find a duck and mouse....
J@50n Someguy445 years ago
 no two things you come arcoss everyday :)
<img src="http://marcusmichaels.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/RatDuck.png">
Bah! it didn't embed. It's a vector of the awesome we know as duck mouse lol
can705 years ago
This project is out of the box--I love it. So it's a little demented...so what? The most constructive purpose I ever derived for mice was feeding them to my pet Boa Constrictor. Really wish this Instructable had been out there when dad was bringing home lab mice for Julius Squeezer (of course I'd have asked him to bring the dead ones home instead).
whiteoakart6 years ago
I should add that while I like this project, my favorite, by far, is the beaver computer tower. That's simply brilliant.
whiteoakart6 years ago
Canida- I think you're awesome. Let the mamby-pamby naysayers wallow in their false outrage and pretentious moralizing. There is absolutely no difference, practically or philosophically, in crafting a duckmouse and wearing leather shoes. If everything we need was made of synthetic materials, imagine the waste problem we would have. But then we would have to feel sorry for the "demoralized" prehistoric life forms that generated the oil for our plastics. I guess it's just easier being a hypocrite than looking at taxidermy.
tadpoleman6 years ago
leave the thing some dignity let it at least have its legs back
Sure... Mount the legs on its head like funny little antennae with hands on them. Mwahahahah.
how can something be so wonderfull and sick at the same time
raimen w8znx6 years ago
lmao, I agree xD
i agree
humes56 years ago
i hope they fed the remains to a snake or something, if your gona cut it open dont waste it cuz other animals would use every bit.
carina1236 years ago
It's hard to "be positive and constructive" about this one. The thing you created looks indeed cute and if this was a 3D rendering tutorial then I would probably have liked it. But this is just disgusting. This is even more useless and cruel than letting animals suffer for their entire life and then eating their corpses. Even if both animals died of a natural cause, I still feel sorry for you for being able to actually enjoy mutilating bodies of two innocent creatures for fun. And just to give some constructive advice: try to be less of a sad, creepy guy and get a life instead.
she's a girl!
Widowmak3r7 years ago
Im sorry...I have seen some real...distrubing stuff but this is just plain wierd and disgusting. I mean...u cut open an animal just to make it look "funny" by killing another animal and sticking its legs on it?
who says he killed it? by the way, ever had a big mac? you know what kind of torture that animal went through before you ate it, or is it just easier to contribute to the suffering of other creatures when you don't have to face it?
actually I am a vegetarian. (this is widomak3rs other account) so I have never had any meat whatsoever (yes i know that there is that statistica bout vegeterians eating a little bit of meat with whatever) but i dont eat meat for that reason.
jlms pslv3r6 years ago
Argh... What should I do with my canine, 6 million year evolved, teeth? We evolved as omnivores and thus require meat for proper nutrition (little of it). This process of course involves cruelty, but cruelty against your next meal is a natural process. The day we discover for certain that plants actually suffer I don't know what you guys are going to do...
red-king jlms6 years ago
animals eat other animals. end of argument. forever.
tanmanknex jlms6 years ago
They'll eat rocks and dirt until we find out that they have feelings too! JK ;D
PKM tanmanknex6 years ago
More importantly, what will vegetarians do who eat a lot of soya, which is mostly grown on deforested land, which in the process of clearance has been responsible for killing countless animals, destruction of habitat, deforestation, increased CO2 emissions and flushing the toilet while people are in the shower? OK, maybe not that last part.

Just because you don't eat dead things doesn't mean things don't die. I'd much rather eat traditionally-reared meat that probably lived in a field a few counties away than soya that came from deforested land in South America. Unless you live a completely "living off the land" lifestyle and make your own soap/house/butter/bicycle tyres/everything else, you can't really avoid contributing to the big industries that are crapping on the planet, but with some judicious choices you can at least minimise your impact.
tanmanknex PKM6 years ago
yeah. i think vegetarians should do some more research on where their food "really" comes from. most don't know how much harm comes from those foods AKA soya.
mage tanmanknex6 years ago
argueing on the internet is stupid
Rotten194 mage6 years ago
This comment... is.... amazing. Just amazing.
PKM mage6 years ago
no it isn't


point taken
red-king PKM6 years ago
plants produce oxygen which is necessary for life on earth. animals use oxygen. by eating animals we reduce oxygen consumption. by eating plants we decrease oxygen production. therefore eating plants is bad.
Mister Rick6 years ago
....It needs bat wings. And a scorpion tail.
and dog ears, and elephant tusks... and moose antlers.
I agree *snicker*
pocketwatch6 years ago
the siren call of taxidermy is overwhelming. This is really well done. It looks so chipper.
Build43436 years ago
Sad, evil, and hilarius at the same time!!
mage6 years ago
this is....interesting.
I don't know if anyone noticed this, but the animals in those Converse ads look a lot like this. Maybe they stole the idea...
coco9112316 years ago
where r u gonna put that disgusting thing!, oh i know youll put it on your mantel peice and display it like a dead smiling trophy and when your friends come over for a party or dinner or somthing their gonnna freak cause u have a dead mutilated duck mouse on your mantelpeice and run away screaming "DOCTER FRANKENSTEIN LIVES!!!!!" now do you really want that to happen... do you?
of course I do.
canida (author)  coco9112316 years ago
In fact, it is sitting atop my mantel.
The usual reaction is "oh, it's so much cuter in person!"

I'd honestly be pleased if someone ran away babbling about Dr. Frankenstein. ;)
hey i was jk about that i just dont like dead stuff being defaced like that srry but tats u thing, so just keep on keepin on!
Neevee6 years ago
Why, you might actually make a crocoduck! Kirk Cameron will be avenged!
nelling6 years ago
Please do it on live mice. I want to see mice or mouse walking with duck's feet
rooster19986 years ago
I watch in horror!!
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
cute and creepy
rivetgeek6 years ago
Im just gonna go out on a limb here and guess you have some pretty freakin weird hobbies.
Lokie1106 years ago
thats sick!
Eirinn6 years ago
It's a cute idea and a nicely made instructable however i find the whole idea slightly revolting, but i'm not a taxidermist >_>;
BrookeAaren6 years ago
dude! i've got one of these shrink heads at home.. but this is really ugly! :D should i write an instructable called "how to make a shrink head out of your grand father" :P haha
JakeTobak6 years ago
I certainly don't have the stomach to make one of these myself, but it looks pretty kewl to me.
You know, all these people are complaining, but the mouse looks pretty complacent! He's actually smiling...lol
Yeah, he has a cute look on his face.
Jonny 56 years ago
Can't see the point in this at all. Not the slightest bit funny, just creepy. How anyone can compare eating a big mac to making things out of dead animals for fun is beyond me! Im off to stick some antlers on my chicken nuggets. Hilarious.
week005 Jonny 56 years ago
first of all, about the big mac statement; have you ever seen them kill your cow for that steak you had a couple nights ago, or the pig for your breakfast bacon? They don't even allow that thing to die before they start opening it up. they hang it up and then slit its throat so it bleeds all its blood. now i'm not an animal rights activist, or a vegetarian, but this mouse probably got star treatment compared to your food. second of all, if you find this creepy, you obviously haven't seen the trophy heads that some hunters have hanging on their walls, or a standing stuffed bear trophy. third, the animal is freakin' dead. it doesn't feel a thing; if you believe in spirits or souls or whatever, its soul is not there anymore. fourth, and last. you're acting like the patron saint of mice. what if you saw a mouse sitting in your house, what would you do? you'd prolly kill it and then throw its body away. great load of good a dead body does anyone in the garbage. oh. last comment. what is leather? you got problems with this, first go complain to the companies that make millions of dollars on this kind of stuff by killing millions more animals than used for this instructable.
I think it's cute. (: But if I saw that li'l guy hanging around your house I would get a bit uneasy.
Udon6 years ago
Which is worse? The instructable or the comments? This instructable is disgusting and horrible and made me laugh very hard [well put together too], but everyone's comments are shocking. Wasn't there a....what's it called?...uh.....it was...I think it was called a "be nice" policy? Ring any bells? No? Maybe not.
warboss7 years ago
yer how would you like it if we stuffed you and gave you the legs off a kangaroo?
i would not mind... just as long as i was dead before you did it to me... lmao
mage6 years ago
this is what household pests looks like near Chernobyl, being chased by Dogsquirrel
ratgirl7 years ago
That if just horrible you can use real duck feet i mean do have a heart (???) and what makes it even wrose you think it's fun.
Speak English much?
yes "she sells seashells down by the seashore" i also speak french "elle vendre mercoquille duvet en les merrivage" :-) can you speak english? although i do have a Irish accent..does that make a difference?
Way to go, babel fish.
nicolasjara6 years ago
Think about adding a fish tail. Or butterfly wings.
wrentchhead7 years ago
plz no1 take dis the rong way, but ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! wtf!!!!! u! mutilated! a! mouse!!!!!!! come on!!!!!! taxidermy, call it what u will, but i want u 2 really reply and tell me how u could do it, and dont u get a little phased!!!??? ps. as positively and respectfully as this can be, animal cruelty is step 1 to a serial killer, lol. but i no u r not, so dont ban me no1.
pfry8137 years ago
thats just sick!!
Kendallkip8 years ago
mangadragon7 years ago
*sigh* It is just a shell of whatever you believe was inside, be it a spirit or just guts. It is an art form that has been around for a very long time, and can make you quite a bit of money. $300 for a deer head, if you live near some hunters and nice bucks you fill your pockets in no time. Taxidermy is an art that takes a lot of skill and precision, as well as practice. Many many taxidermists put a lot of time and effort into their job, and then you call it a disgusting, heartless waste of time. I can't help but disagree.
jamgochian7 years ago
This is a great instructable. Taxidermy is a well established and accepted craft and art. It's strange that so many people are shocked by the this skillful, entertaining and useful instructable.
tiki7007 years ago
haha that is pretty cool. i dont know if i could do that thought. i didnt have a problem with dissecting a frog for school or skinning a squirrel to eat but just to get a bunch of animal parts and mix them up on another animal for fun just would make me feel a little weird... my parents would probably send me to a psychiatrist too...
duck-lemon7 years ago
now can you make a duck-lemon!
duck lemon.jpg
Mystillate7 years ago
I have ALWAYS wanted to watch a taxidermist at work and I adore the whole chimera concept. Great job! Super-informative and entertaining. Thanks!
dunnos7 years ago
ah. reminds me of bio class where i took apart a fish and showed his guts to everyone i know who would scream if im some older i will try this nice instructables +1

Oh no!

I remember I saw this on your desk, but never got to take a picture....
Oh well, I did get Eric's monkey in a cage...
this is odd... people who think god made everything are kinda ignorant; chuck norris did!
EnigmaMax7 years ago
I know I already posted this but, is there a way to do this with out killing the mouse? Like, mouse surgery?
LasVegas8 years ago
That poor, poor footless duck! Sniff...
Maybe he has mouse feet now?
hehheh, that would be so awesome
...Sniff.... so delicious.... .... ... even footless... sniff....
canida (author)  xxxafterglow8 years ago
It was delicious!
Aeshir LasVegas8 years ago
And now, to put the mice feet on the duck! Mwhahaha!
what is wrong with you? this is horrible!!
EnigmaMax7 years ago
what if the mouse is... still alive?
zachninme7 years ago
Just an idea --
A Conjoined-twin-duck-mouse-mouse throwie?
with flashing lets and usb stick inserted into the tail?
Shifrin7 years ago
This seems likje it can go so far in somany different ways! MAybe some wings... Great Instructable!
irenexx37 years ago
aren't you supposed to wear gloves or something?
anyways, i'm really interested in taxidermy. its cool =)
that thing would make an amazing flashdrive
It's very...Cute? Idunno. Can't picture doing it myself, would be like using a dog for someone else. Very unique though, great job!
jgfish8 years ago
cool instructable, thought you would have worn gloves though
ILOSN8 years ago
I LOVE Duck Mouse :)
So do you kill the mice or find them that way?
noahw8 years ago
Perhaps the Duck Mouse came into existence because we may have read this book in our formative years...

"I Wish I Had Duck Feet"
Maybe mice began existence with duck feet, and canidians took their feet and swapped 'em with a duck's.
bluerebel938 years ago
oh my god - i cant even imagine doing this without puking in my mouth in a bit- cool though; its like modding without electronics!
Kaiven8 years ago
question about the taxedermy part: is it easier with a rat(cause of thick skin) or a mouse(cause its small) ?
canida (author)  Kaiven8 years ago
I find the mice easier. The thick skin actually makes it harder to handle. You have to take more care to preserve the fur, and the pelt dries more slowly. It's harder to get the needle through the skin, and everything is just that much bigger. If you're OK with manipulating small things, the mouse is definitely the way to go. I've done lots of microdissecting, so mice still feel big to me. ;) They're much faster and easier to process than rats, and are cheaper, too.
Kaiven canida8 years ago
hmm... do you put anything besides borax/cornmeal to preserve/clean it?
Kaiven8 years ago
hahaha... so, is the feet black because there dead,descisesesd(of course i have no idea how to spell it)? or are they supposed to be black?
canida (author)  Kaiven8 years ago
This duck had grayish-black feet while it was alive, thought they did darken a bit as they dried. Deceased, btw.
Karianne8 years ago
Could you make one with a kangaroo and goose feet? That would be awesome!
canida (author)  Karianne8 years ago
Find me a fresh roadkill kangaroo, and I'll be happy to do so!
pandimonium8 years ago
why would any one wanna do that too a cute mouse :(
he's still cute! just different Are you against different things? Would you discriminate against him if he was still alive, just because he was different?
CameronSS8 years ago
Cool and funny, in a twisted, sadistic, sick and wrong sort of way. ;-) Now where's the Instructable for that iPod Nano case you mentioned in the video?
canida (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
Tim's running around in Africa this month, documenting traditional canoe-building techniques, and I don't own a nano. Thus we're all forced to wait.
Ah well, I don't have a Nano either, anyway.
octochan8 years ago
I don't know if anyone's seen this site: Custom Creature Taxidermy but there are some awesome professional taxidermied beasts on there. I want the Capricorn!
Maybe you'll get some ideas for your next gaffed animal.
I think the chernobyl chicken was the coolest, or maybe the groffins
its spelled griffins you dumbass
i know, turdface
no, just bored out of my mind
canida (author)  octochan8 years ago
Nice link! Those are pretty sweet. I'm definitely not up to that skill level yet, but it's great inspiration!
KyleKaboom8 years ago
I can dig it.
ha ha ha hee he...
all right, instructables genetic engineering. i knew there was an instructable for everything. Now even I can play god, Sweet.
HamO8 years ago
Is it going to be a PS2 or a USB Duck Mouse? Great video, well done all around!
Fastboot8 years ago
You know....this Collaboration reminds me.. I live out here on the corner of 40 and Nowhere and across the road from my place is an 8,000. acre Nature Preserve. Every Winter we are undulated with Field Mice looking for a warm place to call home. I've been trapping them for some time now...and almost have enough to make myself a "Rat Skin Coat"!! That coat should really be a "Chick Magnet"...Ya Think??
canida (author)  Fastboot8 years ago
Totally!!! ;D Think of it as a useful filter.
Dan_Lee858 years ago
robot8 years ago
Helixthecat8 years ago
Too bad all the real duckmice are extinct. Gone the way of the mermaid!
You should use a black mouse and add on bat wings as well as the duck feet.
trebuchet038 years ago
! You made a hybrid mouse :P Nice view in the window too :)
canida (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
That's the port of Oakland; the really good view wasn't doable at all because of the insane amount of sun. More pictures here.
crapflinger8 years ago
you know..i thought the first mouse taxidermy was weird...but...i was wrong...this is WEIRD...but that fun kind of weird...like that quirky uncle that comes around on the holidays (not to be confused with the "touchy" uncle that's in jail)...i like it...nothing like a duck mouse to brighten the day....maybe you should make a duck rabit and send it to the Brewery for their approval
jess8 years ago
The next step is clearly to acquire some kind of small bird (canary, songbird, etc) and add on wings. More things on my own to-do list, when I get back to the states!
canida (author)  jess8 years ago
Did you see bird taxidermy by Zrcalo? She's got a lot of good bird taxidermy info.
jess canida8 years ago
Yeah, I did! It looked tricky, but I'd like to try sometime. Plus, the advantage of just using wings at first is that they seem a whole lot easier to work with than the whole bird carcass.
Oh That's wonderfully disturbing. Reminds me of a book of Jenny Hanivers I had as a child.