Here are some Duck Stamps that I have done:
You should draw me a mandarin or wood.
I think I like the 3rd one the best! Great job 5*s
:D Thanks! You are the best!
Haha thanks!
Yeah! :D
I am sorry! I typed a lot more for this ible but I don't know where it went! <br>The first one I did in 2nd grade<br>The next I did in 4th grade<br>The next I did in 5th grade<br>And the last one I did in 6th grade!<br>
What grade are you in now?
im going to be in 6th next school year
wow your much better than i am.i cant even draw a person right
:D thank you! Even if you aren't the greatest at art I am sure there is something else you exceed in!
i exceed in video games.and i just goy a new game called enemy territory:quake wars
5 ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************<br> ^_^
omg i LOVE that game ... and those are sooooo goood
you hv it
well i have the demo<br>
Yeah, you see what I mean? I am probably the worst person in the world at video games! :D So, no worries!
well people are the hardest thing to draw(realistickly) i even here really good artist complain:C
:D Thank you!
Sure! No Problem!
Thank you! :D
Thanks a bunch! :D
Your welcome!

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