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Sorry if this instructables is bad its my first I will take any requests to make anything

Step 1:

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Make 16 4 in. strips of duck tape

Step 2:

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Stick two of the strips together leaving a little bit of sticky showing Line up the strips that you just stuck together on the zero line and another strip on the three line and stick them together so it is three in. tall Cover the rest of the sticky on the other side

Step 3:

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Make 4 of these Cut off any extra Do this on all 4

Step 4:

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Cut 2 of the 4 sheets a little shorter than the others About a quarter in shorter

Step 5:

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Cut 4 3 in. strips. Fold then in half then in half again Do this to all four

Step 6:

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Cut 2 3 in. Strips then cut into fourths so you'll have 6 3in. Strips that are a quarter with of the duck tape

Step 7:

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Take the two shorter sheets cut the zipper part off a ziplock bag leaving a little extra plastic on either side Cut the zipper to the length of the sheet

Step 8:

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Cut 2 pieces of duck tape the length of the zipper. Cut them in half

Step 9:

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Take both parts of the zipper and put the strips you just cut in both sides Stick one if the zippers on the shorter sheet Fold the extra over and do this to both (Make sure they line up) Make a strip that is the height of the coin pouch you just made cut that strip in half and put it on both sides of the coin pouch

Step 10:

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Now just follow the pictures if you have a problem and can't figure it out I will make an instructable to show how to put it together

Step 11:

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Now you are going to make the hood you can also make a I.D. slot and a card slot but I'm not going to show you that comment if you want me to show you how to Cut 4 4in. Strips stick them together to make the hood


Shiningstar123 (author)2017-02-24

whaaat I'm also confused ???

the taper (author)2016-03-09

Sorry but the colors don't match at all.

rbeforee (author)2013-11-06

Mgoings2, I believe the zero and three lines refer to the measurement lines on the grey cutting mat (0" & 3").
Note how boneykneez is using the cutting mat's rulers and grid to maintain good alignment. If you don't have a mat (and can't find a ruler) you can print out a ruler from your computer, BUT use it on the edges of your workspace, you don't want to stick your tape to the paper accidentally.

(PS It might be less discouraging if viewers offer 'suggestions' rather than "you should" comments.
It is a small detail, but it pushes the 'be nice' policy up a tiny notch.)

mgoings2 (author)2013-06-29

What do you mean by zero line and three line? And you should specify more how to stick the duct tape together in the beginning

GorillazMiko (author)2013-03-18

The pink leopard duct tape was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

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