Picture of Duck Tape Beads
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Duck tape (I used 3 different rolls so when they are rolled I will have the concept of some green beads, some blue beads, and some red beads. Scissors Ruler A pencil or something circular and straight such as chopsticks, skewers, or a pen. String for the bracelet or necklace Glue or gluestick

Step 2: Making/Rolling Your Triangles

Picture of Making/Rolling Your Triangles
13, 11:00 AM.jpg
13, 11:08 AM.jpg
13, 11:08 AM.jpg
13, 11:08 AM.jpg
Making the triangles--- start out with a piece of duck tape about 3 inches long. Cut another piece of duck tape to put over it about 2 3/4 inches down on top. This will make it so the point of your triangle can stick to the other piece easily. Cut the triangle so that it has one long point, and two of the same size points. The long point should be sticky! Continue making these until you have as many as you desire. It doesn't matter if some are a bit smaller or larger than others. Rolling the triangles--- rolling them is easy, you just put the large end onto your pencil, a d roll! When it is all rolled you sticky side should fold onto it and it should stay. Make more and then your ready for your jewelry.

Step 3: Sliding Them Onto A String For Jewelry

Picture of Sliding Them Onto A String For Jewelry
13, 12:00 PM.jpg
13, 12:00 PM.jpg
13, 12:00 PM.jpg
Get your string, and tie a knot on one end. If your string is tiny like mine, slip a bead on and to the end, and tie around it. Then continue, and finish. Tie another know when all of the beads are on and wear!
marionpixie3 months ago
so... it is kind of like paper beading but 3 times awsomer by using ducktape? love it!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Cool! That's looks maybe a little easier... Haha well anyway, thanks!
Brooklyntonia9 months ago
Great idea! I did it this way.
duct tape beads.jpg
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
aqua 129 months ago
This is awesome
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Yeah I know I love duck tape and thanks!!
Fun! There are so many duct tape designs out there too!

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