Introduction: Duck Tape Bows

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I'm going to show you how to make bows pet of duck tape

Step 1: What Do I Need?

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You will need a pair of scissors and duct tape

Step 2: How Many?

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You will need to cut two pieces of duct tape out

Step 3: What's Next?

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The two pieces of tape need to be together sticky side together.

Step 4: Baby Tape

Picture of Baby Tape

You next need to cut a small piece of tape.

Step 5: Folding Time

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Next fold the tape

Step 6: Almost Done

Picture of Almost Done

And then take the small piece of tape and place it in the middle of the bow

Step 7: Last

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And now it's finished


MamatheMeatball made it! (author)2017-06-18

I did it

SamanthaL36 (author)2016-01-17

thank you so much for making this! everyone else has like a board and a knife ect. But this one is really easy

tringirl (author)2014-03-12

If you did one I would like to see what color you made it out of
Thank you very much

tringirl (author)2014-02-02


nidanterry (author)2014-01-18

That is good stuff right there.

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