Duck tape

Step 1: Braiding

Take three pieces of duck tape that is a little bit longer than your wrist size.Then fold them in half.then you will need to put a little piece of duck tape at the end of the three strand s to close them together.Then you can tape it to the table or any hard surface than start braiding.

Step 2: Finishing It Off!

The last thing is to take another piece of tape and tape both of the ends together.Just make sure it fits then your done.Simple & Cute!
<p>cool instructable! Using this, i made a super cute bracelet for mother's day!</p>
<p>Good job on your first Instructable! The bracelet turned out cute! Hopefully we'll see more projects from you in the future!</p>

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Bio: I love to play soccer, softball, and baseball!(yes girls do like baseball also.)I love to bake and do crafts.Mostly duck tape.
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