Wan't to make a hammock on a budget? This instructable is for you!
This instructable will show you how to make a hammock from 2, 50 metre rolls of duct tape and some rope and wood.

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Duct Tape Fabric

I made the hammock out of strips of duct tape Arranged in a linear fashion to give it the best strenth. But if you weaved the fabric it may also spread the load better.

First cut 3, 2 metre lenths of duct tape and put them next to one another (sticky side up) . Then Put strips going across ways on top of the other duct tape, like shown in picture 5.
After that lay 2, 2m strips of duck tape along the the surface of the other duct tape strips like shown in picture 6 & 7.
You will need to reapeat this 4 times. Do not join them together yet keep them individualy!
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There are those who are vastly offended if you spell it the wrong way; and some believe DUCT is wrong, others believe DUCK is wrong. From my limited research in an online debate years ago, neither term is completely wrong; but the original and all subsequent patents for this type of tape have used either 'Duct' or another name entirely; the only reference to it being 'Duck' tape is the 'Duck brand of Duct tape'....<br><br>Some claim origins in the military where it 'shed water like a duck's back' and the supposedly original term (duck) was coined .. however there is (in my fairly extensive, but certainly not completely exhaustive research) absolutely zero documented evidence about that; only hearsay and old wives tails. As there's evidence behind the name 'Duct tape', I stick with it as the right term. But I only make comments like the above with tongue in cheek...<br><br>The funny thing is, while it has been patented as Duct tape, and is most commonly marketed as Duct tape (even by the Duck brand name), it would seem it was never used to tape up ducting or ducts - that would be the realm of 'aluminum tape'... which is just more fuel for those who argue ferenvtly that it should be named 'Duck' tape.
Actually this type of tape has and still is used to tape HVAC duct with. I acts as a sealant around the &quot;S and Drives&quot; on many home duct systems and to tape flex duct to piping. Many jurisdictions have began to enforce regulations that no longer allow duct tape on ducts and now require a mastic tape or paint on sealant.
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i am trying to figure out how to make a simple camping cot ,like for the floor inside a small/medium pup tent..an still able to backpack it
Looks sturdier than sitzikbs (https://www.instructables.com/member/sitzikbs/) &quot;Duct Tape Hammock&quot; (https://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-Tape-Hammock/).
You should put a few small drainage holes in the center to keep the water from pooling up when it rains.
Wow this is a cool idea

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