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These duct tape ninja stars are pretty cool and easy to make. You can also make them out of paper to. When making them out of duct tape you'll have two strips of the duct tape with two pieces of duct tape each with the stickey sides sticking together. Then you will fold them together to make the star. I added duct tape to the final star for more support.

use this

Step 1: Supplies and Tools:

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Supplies and Tools:

duct tape


straight edge

Step 2: Cut Duct Tape:

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To make the star your going to need for strips of duct tape.

Then take two of them and stick them together and use a flat surface.

do this twice.

The length needs to be about 8 inches you dont need to measure this

cause after you fold them you will cut it to the right size.

Step 3: First Strip Fold:

Picture of First Strip Fold:

Yo are going to fold each strip opposite of each other.

First fold down a triangle

then fold a trinagle over.

Then fold one more triangle.

After this you can open up the triangles to make a V type.

Then wrap your strip around the trinagle folded.

Trim your duct tape flush at edge of the triangle.

This will leave you with two folded over triangles.

Step 4: Folding the Second Strip:

Picture of Folding the Second Strip:

When folding the second strip of duct tape you want to start by folding

the first triangle the opposite way you did the first one.

Then fold that triangle over at 90 degrees. This will be

your second fold. Then fold that triangle a third time making a crease.

Unfold the triangle leaving a V with the strip coming of. At the crease

fold over the strip making another triangle. Fold that over and cut

the strip flush with the triangle.

Step 5: Putting Together:

Picture of Putting Together:

Now that you have your two duct tape strips folded correctly you will need to fold them together.

To do this lay the two flat sides on top of each other with the triangle folds facing out. Now you will

fold over the triangle into the slot created from the other strip. You will do this on all four edges of

the star.


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