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To make the main part of the holder, you will need to stick two pieces of "duck fabric" together. We make this by sticking pieces of duck tape together, overlapping by about a centimeter. You can do this sticky side up, but I find it far easier to stick it down to my cutting surface. A clean cutting board you can get from most art/stationery shops is good for this. Mine came with a couple of sharp cutting knives as well.

Cut off several pieces of duck tape and stick them to your cutting board, so that you have a square that is 31cm x 22cm. Then cut back two strips from the top, 3cm x 11cm as shown in the diagram. Once you have done this, carefully peel the whole thing off you cutting board, and set it aside.

Repeat the same procedure, only this time you need a square 37cm x 22cm. At one end, trim the corners 3cm in from the corner point on the top and side, and on the other end, 6cm in from the top and side of the corner, as shown in the second diagram. Again, carefully peel the whole thing off the cutting board.

Now comes the tricky part. You need to align these two pieces, sticky sides facing and stick them together smoothly. The widest parts of both pieces should align; the narrowest end of the first piece should dissect the longer trimmed corner pieces as shown in the third diagram. Be very careful here; once duck tape meets duck tape sticky side, nothing will part it!!! This is the most crucial stage.

With your knife, make a cut along the sticky part of the second fabric, 11cm down from where the corners meet, so that you can fold it over the first piece. Fold over the left and right ends and smooth down. If you make a better job than me, it will look nice and neat!
halolord6 years ago
I am still wondering if you can send this instructable to me thanks.
reclusivemonkey (author)  halolord6 years ago
Sorry, I have no idea what you mean.
hes asking to mail you one of these.
You can also just place the 2nd layer of duct tape over the 1st, which eliminates having to risk putting it down wrong.
halolord6 years ago
can you send this to me please it would make a great Christmas gift [ halolord ] thanks
cr7kid6 years ago
dude can i do it with painters tape or magic tape
reclusivemonkey (author)  cr7kid6 years ago
Hmm, I'm not sure of the properties of those tapes. I am guessing painters is stiff; this won't work. If magic tape is a cloth based tape, then it will work, as will any cloth based tape.
k thanks