Duck Tape: the miracle material, it can be made into tuxs , boats, planes, wallets and phone cases.  This amazing substance will protect your beloved phone from scratches, drops, and dirt, (and somewhat from water). My phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) only has two store bought cases available (at least were I am anyways) they are both hard rubber cases and only come in two colors black, and purple. Even with this vary limited selection they cost about $27, way to expensive for me. So with a little creativity and hot glue I came up with a uglyer, but much cheaper case that serves me well. I think that the cost of the materials would probably be around $7. 

Step 1: Materials

Wire (about a foot) 
Ducktape (about 2 m)
Wire Cutters 
Hot Glue (small amount)
Hot Glue Gun 
1 Paper Towel

<p>This is cool! I need a way without using wire things. I'm not even high school.</p>
maybe pipe cleaners?
<p>LOL I don't have those either</p><p>Any other way?</p>
:/ looks good

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