Introduction: Duck Tape Quilt Square

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Step 1: Materials

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You need:
1.)two or three different colored duck tape
2.) scissors

Step 2: Strip

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Make a strip of one colored duck tape. Make it as long as you want the hight.

Step 3: More

Picture of More

Make two more in that same color and size.

Step 4: Then There Were Three

Picture of Then There Were Three

Make three more strips in a different color but same hight. I

Step 5: Middle

Picture of Middle

Take one of your strips and put it under and over and under again on the other color. (Look at pic.)

Step 6: Again

Picture of Again

Repeat step five, but put in the other color opposite and under the first one. Then do step five again thee same way, but underneath the middle one

Step 7: Optional

Picture of Optional

If you want to, you can put a picture in the middle.

Step 8: Framing

Picture of Framing

Now you can add a duck tape border in any color you want


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