Picture of Duck Tape Sandals
These are some sweet slides I made with an old roll of tape laying around.
I made these at my house in my spare time.
I learned that you can do almost anything with a little imagination and some duck tape.
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Step 1: Cardboard Cut Outs

Picture of Cardboard Cut Outs
First trace and cut out the shape of your left and right foot on a thick piece of cardboard. 

Step 2: Duck Tape

Picture of Duck Tape
take 6 strips of tape an inch longer than your foot for both cardboard cut outs. Put 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom of each cut out. Then cut off the extra on the sides of the sandal, and seal with more tape.

Step 3: The Strap

Picture of The Strap
Now take 4 strips of tape for both sandals, that are big enough to strap over your foot. put 2 over 2 to make a patch of tape for the strap. Now tape the strap to the sandal and your ready to go.