Picture of Duck Tape Snow Goggles
The goggles are designed to let in a smaller amount of light to help (NOT completely) prevent sun glare and snow blindness. They also help keep snow out of your eyes. This will probably take only a few minutes depending on how well you keep the duck tape straight while this is being made.

You will need:
Duck Tape
Any piece of string (One that doesn't need to be used for anything else.)
Permanent Marker
paperclip (Only if you don't have string that can be given up)
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Step 1: Measurement

Using the string, wrap it once around your head at about forehead level. Either mark it or cut it Three times loosely around your wrist will also work. This will be the Measurement for the Duck Tape.

Step 2: Assembly

Using the string to measure, peel two pieces of duck tape to the size of the string. Then CAREFULLY line them up and stick the together so no adhesive is showing. Its hard to pull apart and get it to stick right once its screwed up.

Step 5: A Final few Words

Picture of A Final few Words
The design originally belonged to the Inuits (But I'm pretty sure they used Walrus Tusks, not duck tape) who lived north on the tundra and similiar areas.Please keep in mind these do NOT protect you from flying objects other then snow flakes.
rint4 years ago
McGyver2 (author)  rint4 years ago
I bet you got that from show me how
McGyver2 (author)  Air_Assassin4 years ago
No. In all actuallity I got it from "Dual Survival" featureing two men who go at the wilderness much the way bear grylls does...
oh. Because they have the same thing. It's in volume 2. P.s it is a good book.