Duck Tape Wallet


Introduction: Duck Tape Wallet

About: I like crafts , paracords and drawing

A cheap wallet for ur needs

Step 1: Cuting

Cut 7 pieces o duck tape

Step 2: U Will Need Duck Tape and Scissor

The two stuff u will need

Step 3: Sticking

Stick the three pieces like that

Step 4: Stick Another

Stick another piece of tape on top off on of the three

Step 5: Yet Again

Do the same thing on another one

Step 6: -


Step 7: Flip

Flip it

Step 8: -


Step 9: Stick

Stick another piece of tape

Step 10:

Step 11:

Step 12:



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    I'm planing too

    Well look, I made another Instructable!

    It's timothy, and yes she DID

    No she dint

    Hey and no I made all on my self timphoty

    By the way people, he barely even made this. His sister pretty much made it. Your welcome

    Thank you jonny3798? I guess?

    iphone 4 sucks.

    I'm getting an IPhone 4 today

    Hey reese

    Tha is so much cool. Thank you now I can put my money somewhere !!!