Picture of Duck Tape Wreath
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
First you need foam wreath the strong, and get the tape you want to make out of.. You need scissors and a knife.

Step 2: What To Do Next

Picture of What To Do Next
Cut the tape into 6 in, and fold half of it leave the part sticky.. Cut the folded sides all the way to the end and wrap it the wreath, and repeat when u put the next one one keep it close together..

Step 3: What It Looks Like

Picture of What It Looks Like
U can tell it's coming along, see how full it looks when the tape all together..

Step 4: When It Done

Picture of When It Done
I took sum fake flower wrap metal to make a hook push it in then I took hot glue gone and glue around it so it won't move. Then I add a feather to it, I hot glue it so it won't move.. There it is a duck tape wreath, does it look awesome ..
scrisman (author) 1 year ago
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