Introduction: Duck Tape Braid Bracelet

Picture of Duck Tape Braid Bracelet

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:
1) duck tape
2) scissors

Step 2: Measure

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Measure the length of the duck tape around your wrist and double it.

Step 3: Fold

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Fold the duck tape in half, hotdog style. Any sticky part left, cut off.

Step 4: Repeat

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Repeat the last step two more times

Step 5: Tape

Picture of Tape

Tape the top of all the strips together.

Step 6: Braid

Picture of Braid

Braid the three strips. Connect both ends of the bracelet.


furby1316 (author)2013-12-29

Sometimes :)

marionpixie (author)2013-12-28

simply simple

furby1316 (author)2013-12-26


marionpixie (author)2013-12-26

who ever you are u have a point.

interestedturtle (author)2013-12-26

I think you need to clarify what it is so more people look at it. Like " Duck tape bracelet"

marionpixie (author)2013-12-26

nice. u should enter it but first spell check step 4 please

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