Duck tape apple Loop

Picture of Duck tape apple Loop
I am not responsible for broken iPod or anything that happens because of this instructible
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Duck tape scissors knife ipod touch 5

Step 2: How Long

Get 16 inches of Duck tape

Step 3: Fold

Picture of Fold
Now fold the tape in half

Step 4: Cut

Picture of Cut
Now cut a strip of duct tape to the thickness that you want and cut any Design in to it

Step 5: Using The Knife

Picture of  Using The Knife
Using the knife pierce a hole in the top and make it as big as little as you think it needs to be

Step 6: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
Repeat the last step at the other end

Step 7: Hand Hole

Picture of Hand Hole
Put the end of your scissors one of the holes and cut in a straight-line now your Hand part is done

Step 8: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
Thank you for doing this and I hope you enjoyed it
Ian011 year ago
What's the purpose of this thing?