My son likes doing stuff w/duct tape, so we decided to make this together.

Step 1: Wood to Make Hammock Rigid

I used 2 pieces of scrap 2x4 that I had ripped down for another project. These are about 1/2" x 1 1/2" and cut at 52".  Used a 1/4" round over bit on the router table to smooth the sides.
Will it fall
wowee thats cool.. <br>Follow me!!!!!
Awesome! Did you make the hammock stand, too?
We had the hammock stand, now we interchange, the duck tape one w/ the other one.
it was realy cute that you and your son did thisd together. i also love this idea . thanks for sharing
How much tape do you think you ended up going through?
I used 3 rolls of grey tape (60yrds ea) and 2 rolls of red tape (60yrds ea).

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