Picture of Duck tape hammock
My son likes doing stuff w/duct tape, so we decided to make this together.

Step 1: Wood to make hammock rigid

Picture of wood to make hammock rigid
Duct tape hammock 016.JPG
Duct tape hammock 017.JPG
Duct tape hammock 018.JPG
Duct tape hammock 020.JPG
I used 2 pieces of scrap 2x4 that I had ripped down for another project. These are about 1/2" x 1 1/2" and cut at 52".  Used a 1/4" round over bit on the router table to smooth the sides.
alexa1015 months ago
Will it fall
amysaige1 year ago
wowee thats cool..
Follow me!!!!!
Boppylop2 years ago
Awesome! Did you make the hammock stand, too?
hvdude (author)  Boppylop2 years ago
We had the hammock stand, now we interchange, the duck tape one w/ the other one.
momijilover2 years ago
it was realy cute that you and your son did thisd together. i also love this idea . thanks for sharing
How much tape do you think you ended up going through?
hvdude (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I used 3 rolls of grey tape (60yrds ea) and 2 rolls of red tape (60yrds ea).