Introduction: Duct Camera for Exploring the Darkest Corners of Your House

Can you imagine how many interesting things are hiding inside the ventilation duct in your house? Lost rings, coins, lego parts - it's all there! Not to mention dirt, dust and mold that go from the vents and right into your lungs. This video instructable explains how to build a $30 device that will reveal this world to you.


NatNoBrains (author)2011-02-08

The video isn't there. Please post a link. Did you copy the embed code right?

mikhalchuk (author)NatNoBrains2011-02-08

Got it! I used the "new youtube embed code" instead of old one. Thank you for letting me know about the problem!!

NatNoBrains (author)mikhalchuk2011-02-09

It's alright! Anytime!

kelseymh (author)2011-02-08

There should be an [Edit] button in the right-hand sidebar, in the yellowish "Author Options" box. Or, if you go to your profile and select Instructables, each one should have a little "(edit)" link next to the title.

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