Back in 2009, I was a first-year art student with an infant daughter and no job. I loved drawing and ink, but everyone was expected to paint - and duck canvas was expensive!

That's when I came up with DUCT CANVAS. Like the duck, but with a T and made from a three dollar roll of tape and recycled art materials.

Step 1:

Naturally, I had several large sketch pads lying around. These pads (12x18 inches at the smallest) almost always are backed by a surprisingly sturdy cardboard sheet. I had already been encouraged to use this cardboard for pastels and the like, but the industrial subject matter one of my professors was focusing on led me to

Step 2: 

Layer the cardboard with even strips of duct tape, starting at the bottom with about a half an inch overhang which I folded under the   cardboard for a more seamless look.

The art I did on these things was almost entirely in India ink and white acrylic. My skills and passion have waned as I moved on to greener pastures, but I still hope to try this canvas again someday.

Total prep time: about ten minutes.
Does not peels off the paint after a while?
Surprisingly, no. The duct tape tries to repel most application, but once you get the paint on there it is apparently pretty much set.<br><br>The example photo from three years ago is still in pristine condition. I don't remember, I may have added a thin layer of spray fixative.

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