Picture of Duct Duck (Duct Tape Duck Tub Stopper)
Duct tape is truly magical. It can be used for nearly everything, including creating an awesome little duckie which can then be attached to a tub stopper to make taking a bath super fun!

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

Picture of You'll Need. . .
  • Duct tape (I'm using yellow, but you can use whatever color you like)
  • Scissors
  • Grommet tool and grommet
  • Hole punch or leather punch
  • Tub stopper
  • Thin chain (approximately 10")
  • Two coins or other small weights (I used pennies)
  • Pliers (optional but suggested)
rayebs made it!1 year ago

Soooo, I wasn't able to get a big enough duct tape sheet, and, my folding is off... but tada! Duct Tape Duck Shape. I had a hard time following the folding instructions and the video. I would suggest with the pictures, put the instruction in the lil notes section. I had to keep scrolling down, and losing my place.

shesparticular (author)  rayebs1 year ago
I'm so sorry it was hard to follow - you did an outstanding job though!
HMice3 years ago
The title's a bit of a tongue twister! Nice Instructable tho
shesparticular (author)  HMice3 years ago
Lol, this makes me smile. I am going to make one. If you are ever at office max, they now sell full sheets of duct tape. Definitely something to check out! :D
shesparticular (author)  Nameramthgin3 years ago
Awesome! Post photos when it's done!
Hello Kitty3 years ago
This is awesome!
shesparticular (author)  Hello Kitty3 years ago
Thanks so much!