Duct tape is truly magical. It can be used for nearly everything, including creating an awesome little duckie which can then be attached to a tub stopper to make taking a bath super fun!

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

  • Duct tape (I'm using yellow, but you can use whatever color you like)
  • Scissors
  • Grommet tool and grommet
  • Hole punch or leather punch
  • Tub stopper
  • Thin chain (approximately 10")
  • Two coins or other small weights (I used pennies)
  • Pliers (optional but suggested)
<p>Soooo, I wasn't able to get a big enough duct tape sheet, and, my folding is off... but tada! Duct Tape Duck Shape. I had a hard time following the folding instructions and the video. I would suggest with the pictures, put the instruction in the lil notes section. I had to keep scrolling down, and losing my place.</p>
I'm so sorry it was hard to follow - you did an outstanding job though!
The title's a bit of a tongue twister! Nice Instructable tho
Lol, this makes me smile. I am going to make one. If you are ever at office max, they now sell full sheets of duct tape. Definitely something to check out! :D
Awesome! Post photos when it's done!
This is awesome!
Thanks so much!

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