Step 3: Bust Out The Duct Tape!

Picture of Bust Out The Duct Tape!
With your iPod still in the bag, start putting tape carefully around the screen. I started with putting the horizontal pieces first.

When you put the top horizontal piece on, make sure you have quite a bit hanging off the edge to make a flap so you can wrap it around the back side. Put tape on both sides of this flap.
drabinowitz4 years ago
i don't get it... you have a lot ot taping straight to the ipod so it sticks onto it- how is it removable? Some clarification?
i dont understand what you mean to do for the top horizontal piece
cliche_cliche (author)  studmuffin3dawg27 years ago
Oh, sorry! I should have made it more clear which way the ipod is situated. The idea is to have the ipod so the hold switch is on top and the phone jack is on the bottom. You don't need the flap, it's just another layer of protection against the elements. Did I answer your question?